Meaning: where Land and Sea meet

Region or Group: Jalunji-Warra People

Used at: Jalunbu Park

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https://maps.northwestatlas.org/…/7. IPA 55 Eastern Kuku Yalanji Jabalina Rangers 2012.pdf


A title of a publication is Bama Ngulkurrku Wawu Wawurrku Bundangka Bubungu Jalunbu with a meaning Healthy Mob, Healthy Land and Sea Plan.

There is a glossary on the 6th page of the rangers report (first link) that shows Jalun as Sea, and Bubu as Land (a person’s country where he or she belongs). Jalunbu appears to be these two words combined.

The brown sign of Jalunbu has (On the beach) displayed in brackets helps to support the meaning.

Brown sign of Jalunbu Park, (On the beach)
Brown sign of Jalunbu Park with “On the beach” shown in brackets