Japanese Garden (Cowra)

Entrance of the Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre in Cowra

The Japanese Garden in Cowra is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, established to recognise the relationship between Cowra and the people of Japan. The relationship has its origins formed during World War II with the establishment of the Cowra POW campsite , used for Japanese prisoners of war. Presented across twelve acres, the Cowra … Read more

War Cemeteries

Japanese War Cemeteries in Cowra

Cowra was one of five locations with a detention camp detaining Japanese prisoners of war and civilian internees. There were 18 camps throughout Australia, prisoner of War camp number 12 in Cowra had a capacity of 4,000 prisoners. The Japanese compound had a capacity of 1,000 and the population increased to 1,100 by July 1944. … Read more

P.O.W. Campsite

POW campsite in Cowra NSW

When you think of POWs and Australia’s involvement in World War II, it usually brings thoughts of Australian’s being held in POW camps in Japanese-occupied territories. There were 28 major camps established in Australia. The Cowra Prisoner of War Camp was camp 12, opening in June 1941, even though it hadn’t been completed. Prisoners didn’t … Read more