Bunyip Statue

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Sculpture of a bunyip in front of a mural, at the Bunyip Statue in Mulgildie

Bunyip Statue in Mulgildie was created in 2010 to celebrate 80 years of service of the Mulgildie branch of the Queensland Country Women’s Association and Queensland’s 150 years as a state of Australia.

The big bunyip is not a random figure for the statue. Nearby is the Bunyip Hole, a place of stories of monsters living in and taking livestock as they drank. The statue has been created to depict the bunyip as told in the various legends of the Bunyip Hole Brown Sign link.

Mural of an Aboriginal man standing next to a bunyip hole, at the Bunyip Statue in Mulgildie

The statue is made of steel with plate steel pieces shaped to depict the scales. The bunyip is carrying fish and a cattle head, its typical lunch in relation to the legend of the area. It was created by a local artist, Brett Benecke with the assistance and support of Paul Irvine.

Behind the bunyip statue is a mural painting of the home of the Mulgildie Bunyip, the Bunyip Hole Brown Sign link. It was painted by renowned artist Arthur Hamblin and Julie South.

The statue is located on the corner of a side street on the Burnett Hwy in Mulgildie, with a covered picnic table beside it.

To get there:

Brown sign of Bunyip Statue AheadHeading north along Burnett Hwy, coming into Mulgildie there is a brown sign for Bunyip Statue Ahead. The Bunyip Statue is 400m passed the brown sign, on the left on the corner of Hughes St.

Heading south along Burnett Hwy, the Bunyip Statue is 900m on the right coming into Mulgildie, on the corner of Hughes St.

Cost: Free

Hours: Anytime

Toilets: No

Bins: No

Tables: Yes

Seating: Yes

Water: No

Food: Yes, convenience store across the road and Mulgildie Hotel further up the road

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Pets: Yes, on leash


Playground: No

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