Asian Cemetery

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Grave sites in the Asian Cemetery in Cossack

The Asian Cemetery at Cossack is one of two established cemeteries in the abandoned town.

Cossack was were the pearling industry began in Western Australia before it moved to Broome. The Asian cemetery is mainly of Japanese working in the pearling industry as divers.

There are at least seven Japanese buried in the Asian cemetery, which sits beside the European cemetery Brown Sign link, separated by a fence and gate.

An information board about the Japanese cemetery is in poor condition and difficult to read. This is what we can get from it and found from elsewhere to fill in the gaps:

Cemeteries of this period were customarily divided by distinction of race and religion. The Japanese Section of the Cemetery is the only visible evidence of the once large Asian Community of Cossack. Although a minority population in the pearling industry, the Japanese virtually monopolised pearl diving and associated industries

The remaining graves face the homeland of the people buried:

1. TANAKA died 26th June 1890 aged 38 of paralysis on board the schooner ‘Willie’.

2. NAKADA Kaichi died 24th April aged 19.A citizen of Ehime Prefecture.

3. ISHIHATA Iwakichi died16th August 1913 aged 49. A citizen of Koura – Wakayama Prefecture.

4. NANCHI Kumakichi died 2nd July 1914 aged 29. A citizen of Kushimoto – Kii Province.

5. KUKIMOTO Tetsukichi died 18th September 1914 aged 36. A citizen of Aichi or Ehime Prefecture.

6. NABIKI Seigoro died 10th Septmember 1915 aged 24. A citizen of Moyojin Kii province.

7. MURAMATSU Sakutarto died 12th February 1898 aged 53. A citizen of Shizuoka Prefecture. Father of Jiro Murmats.

8. An unknown person rests here.

9 Memorial Tower. Built in Jyly 1928.

Japanese Cemetery information board from the Cossack Asian Cemetery
Photo derived from Chapelhill graves website

To get there:

Brown sign for Asian Cemetery

From the northern end of Roebourne along North West Coastal Hwy (Cleaverville Rd), turn into Point Samson-Roebourne Rd at the brown sign for Cossack. Follow Point Samson-Roebourne Rd for 8.2km and turn right into Cossack Rd at the brown sign. Follow Cossack Rd for 5.2km to reach the Cossack Historic Town. Turn left into Pearl St, then after 100m turn right into Perseverance St. Follow Perseverance St for 700m and turn right onto a dirt road. Follow the road for 120m to reach the entrance of the Japanese cemetery.

You can also park at the European cemetery when turning right onto the dirt road, as you can walk from the European cemetery into the Japanese cemetery.







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