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The Maclean Court House was completed in 1893, a beautiful Victorian architecture style building with cedar used throughout and teak flooring.

The building is the second for the courthouse, the previous was demolished in 1890 for the new building to be built, along with the Police Station Brown Sign link next to it.

Maclean Talking Trail

The Court House was part of the Maclean talking trail, the brown sign is there as part of the talking trail. Headphones were borrowed and audio played as you walked the trail. Below is what was included in the talking trail audio.


Completed in 1893, this is one of the last Court Houses designed by the colonial architect James Barnett.

The Court House is situated on the same site as the previous building, which was demolished in 1890. Work on the new court house commenced in 1891. The contract was awarded to Mr C.B. Smith and the total cost of construction was £2,581.

Interestingly, no opening ceremony was ever performed. The first session was held on March 1st, 1892 in spite of the fact that the new furniture had not yet arrived!

This building is a magnificent example of Victorian architecture, boasting a lavish use of cedar wood, vaulted ceiling and teak flooring.

You may also be interested in viewing a number of articles of the court’s cedar furniture that are on display at the Bicentennial Museum and Stone Cottage in Wharf Street.

Had you been in the court house on the 18th February 1893, you would have heard Magistrate David See deliver the following judgement:‐


William Carlisle, you are accused of stealing a half crown from Ryall’s Bakery. In light of the evidence presented, this court finds you Guilty. It is therefore the decision of this court to sentence you to fourteen days incarceration, sentence to be carried out immediately at the Grafton jail.


Sound track from the Maclean Talking Trail


Hi, my name is Joanne, and I’m the local Chamber Registrar at the Maclean Court House.

The previous Clerk of the Court as they were then known, believed that the place was haunted because apparently back in some stage many, many, many, many years ago, a fellow who could have been a defendant who appeared at court and was unhappy with something that happened at court hung himself from one of the doorways, and I just found that pretty, um, amazing and informative, and when I am working here late at night and I do hear creaks and groans other than the normal building noises, I do think ‘Well is there something behind that or not’ you know {nervous laugh}. It does sort of creep up on me now and again but I’m not superstitious {laugh}

Joanne, Maclain Talking Trail

To get there

Brown sign for Court House

From the Pacific Hwy, take the Yamba Rd exit for Maclean. Turn left (west along the Clarence River) and from the brown sign for Tourist Drive 22, follow Yamba Rd for 5km. Passing the pedestrian crossing at Woolitji House on the left, continue through the main shopping street in Maclean for another 300m to a roundabout. Continue straight ahead through the roundabout, then the first right into MacNaughton Pl. The courthouse is 80m on the left.


Hours:Anytime (viewing from outside)





Wheelchair accessible:Yes



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