Masons Bridge Rosewood

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The Masons Bridge in Rosewood is a recognition of history named after two of Rosewood’s earliest settlers.

The brown sign sits beside where the original Masons Bridge existed before it was damaged by floods. The “bridge” is crossed when travelling along the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive Brown Sign link.

Richard and Emily Mason moved to Queensland in the mid-1860s. They erected a small cottage near the future site of the bridge and the roundabout that is near this brown sign.

Rosewood Township dates from 1876 and Richard Mason was one of the founding fathers of the township’s early community institutions. Richard was one of the first farmers to break the soil and experiment with crops. He helped to fell and remove timber to build John Street.

Richard and Emily died within weeks of each other in 1908 and were buried in the Tallegalla Cemetery. Masons Bridge was a timber structure which originally spanned the gully. Its construction date is unknown but it is thought to be about 1910.

Masons Bridge became part of Rosewood’s history and survived until the middle of the sixties when it was damaged by flooding. It was replaced in 1966 with the concrete pipes you see here today.

Concrete pipe bridge, Masons Bridge in Rosewood

On the northern side of the new concrete pipes, there are some sandstone blocks. Finding information about the history of Masons Bridge, other than what is shown on the brown sign, are difficult to find. The sandstone blocks may be remnants of the original bridge.

Other than the blocks, there isn’t really much to look at anymore. It is basically pipes under what is an ephemeral creek, named Masons Gully. If you stop at Johnston Park Brown Sign link, it is only a few metres away to have a look.

To get there:

Brown sign for Masons Bridge Rosewood, circa 1910

The Wisdom Seat is on the main street of Rosewood, John St. Rosewood is between Grandchester and Walloon, west of Ipswich.

It is along the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive Brown Sign link. From the Rosewood Staging Post, Masons Bridge is north. It is at the roundabout on the corner of Walloon St.

It is also at the intersection of Cobb & Co Tourist Drive and Scenic Rim Tourist Drive 16.



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