Five Rivers Lookout

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View from the Five Rivers Lookout at Wyndham

Five Rivers Lookout sits at the top of the Daharwi Range just outside of Wyndham with a view over the Cambridge Gulf where five tidal rivers flow from the mudflats.

Map of the Five Rivers entering the Cambridge Gulf at Wyndham in Western Australia

The five Kimberly rivers that meet and flow into the gulf are the Ord River, Forrest River, King River, Durack River and Pentecost River. The Cambridge Gulf extends into tow large estuaries, the Western Arm where the lookout looks prominently over, and the Eastern Arm.

The Ord River flows from above Lake Argyle Brown Sign link, the first brown sign stop we made after crossing the border into Western Australia.

Only a few minutes drive from Wyndham, the Five Rivers Lookout is a must see location. The peak of the Daharwi Range, also known as the Bastion Range, is 360 metres above the township and being so close to the gulf coast, the views are amazing.

The lookout overlooks Wyndham, the port, and the rivers. The tidal mud flats show an impressive display of patterns.

The peak of the Daharwi Range was named The Bastion in 1819 by Captain Phillip Parker King, also naming the Cambridge Gulf.

The ruins of the meatworks can be see below near the port. The meatworks was constructed in 1913 and processed more than 2 million animals. It closed in 1986 but the cattle yards are still used.

To get there:

Brown sign for Five Rivers Lookout, white sign for Timor St

From the Great Northern Hwy through Wyndham, turn into Timor St at the brown sign. At the end of Timor St, turn right into Koolama St and follow for 100m. Turn left into St Peters Way and follow to the end and turn right into Kabbarli St. After about 100m or so, turn left into Dulverton St at another brown sign for Five Rivers Lookout. Follow Dulverton St for 600m to the end and turn right into Delamere St. After 100m, turn left into Minderoo St. Minderoo St becomes Hugo Austla Drive with a brown sign for the drive. Follow Hugo Austla Dr for about 4.5km, climbing up the range to the parking area.



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