Historical Site Cunningham Lookout

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View looking east from Cunningham Lookout, a raised ridge 3km west of Warrill View, with views over the surrounding flat plains and the mountains to the east and west

Cunningham Lookout is on a raised ridge near Warrill View, where Allen Cunningham was able to see across the plains and work out the best way to the mountains.

The lookout is not much higher than the surrounding area, maybe 60-80 metres, however, the surrounding flat plains from Cunningham Lookout offers a wide view to the east and to the west.

The western view is across the parking area looking towards the range from around Cunningham’s Gap and northward until it is blocked by Mt Walker 4kms northwest of the lookout.

Panorama view west from Cunningham Lookout

The views to the east have some covering trees but there are enough gaps between them to get good views towards Warrill View and peaks at Flinders Peak Conservation Park Brown Sign link.

The ridge has a taller peak to the north that blocks the view in that direction, and to the south is a similar height obscuring views to the south.

There isn’t much at the lookout, however, there is a picnic table and a bin.

To get there:

Brown sign for Historical Site Cunningham Lookout, 3kmFrom Cunningham Hwy, turn into Rosewood Warrill View Rd at Warrill View (left if heading north, or right if heading south). Follow Rosewood Warrill View Rd for 3.3km, and turn left into the access track to Cunningham Lookout, with a smaller brown sign opposite. The lookout is about 200m up the access track with a gate part way up.

Cost: Free

Hours: Mon-Sun Daytime, gate closed at sunset

Toilets: No

Bins: Yes

Tables: Yes

Seating: Yes

Water: No

Food: No

Wheelchair accessible: Yes, assistance may be needed depending on ability. Gravel and grass with a slope to the picnic table

Pets: Not specified


Playground: No

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