Moonbi Park and Lookout

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The rock peak the Moonbi Park and Lookout is on top of, north of Moonbi just off the New England Hwy with views over Moonbi township and Cockburn Valley, free camp

Moonbi Park and Lookout is north of Moonbi just off the New England Hwy. You arrive in a large parking area, where there are some tables, toilets, and water (but not drinkable). There are a couple of raised sections with rock retaining walls. The park and lookout were built in 1938 by the Cockburn Shire Council.

The lookout is from the top of a large boulder, with steps built with rock retaining walls on the near side of it. At the top of the boulder is where you see the views, looking over Moonbi and the Cockburn Valley. The views are supposedly magnificent in September and October when the wattle is in full bloom, but the views were still pretty good when I was there in November.

When leaving, be very careful coming back out onto the highway, especially if you are towing. There is a crest on the approach of the intersection and vehicles approach very quickly.

To get there:

Heading north along the New England Hwy, turn left into Moonbi Lookout Rd, about 6kms north from Moombi. Moonbi Lookout Rd is at the crest of a steep uphill section of the highway. Extra care is needed when leaving.

If heading south along the New England Hwy, turn right into Moonbi Lookout Rd, about 12kms south from Bendemeer. The highway is split in this section, so you will need to cross the northbound lanes 130m from the southbound lanes. Take extra care as the northbound lanes are at the top of a crest and oncoming vehicles don’t have much time to see you. The same will be needed to cross over again to get back to the southbound lanes.

Cost: free

Hours: anytime

Toilets: Yes, long drop

Bins: No

Tables: Yes

Seating: Yes

Water: No, water is available but not drinkable

Food: No

Pets: Yes, kept on leash


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