Mt Gibraltar Lookouts

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Bowral Lookout from the Mt Gibraltar Lookouts, a set of lookouts from a large rock outcrop, the remnant of a volcanic intrusion that sits between Bowral and Mittagong

Mt Gibraltar Lookouts are a set of lookouts from a large rock outcrop, the remnant of a volcanic intrusion, that sits between Bowral and Mittagong.

Bowral Lookout

Coming from Bowral, the first lookout is Bowral Lookout. This lookout has facilities that are not available at the other lookouts, including toilets and plenty of parking. From the parking area, it opens to a large grass field, contained by a stone wall toward the view. At one time the view was probably spectacular from the grass field with trees cleared to open up the view. These days trees are not removed for views, and the trees have grown in front of it to completely obscure it.

The Bowral Lookout is the only lookout where toilets and bins are available.

There are good views to be had by walking a little further along a paved path to a platform. Instead of trees being removed, a platform is constructed out passed the trees so the unobscured views can be had over Bowral.

Oxley Lookout

Oxley Lookout is north of Bowral Lookout. Unlike Bowral Lookout, it is perched directly on the cliff without any barriers. Oxley Lookout appears to have had a small parking area, but when I was there it looked to be unused and has become overgrown. There is a bushwalking track from Bowral Lookout that takes you to Oxley Lookout and appears to continue through to Jellore Lookout, so you could walk to all of the lookouts parking at Bowral.

The walking track is well enough defined even if a little overgrown and has steps build in some spots to make it a bit easier. It follows along the top of the cliffs, with parts of the track close to it, so Oxley Lookout and the walking track may not be suitable for small children and anyone who doesn’t like walking too much. Make sure you have some water with you, especially in summer, as there are no places for you to get a drink.

Jellore Lookout

Jellore Lookout is one of two lookouts. Parking is only on the side of the road, with the lookout a short walk. There isn’t a lot of room for parking, and if it is a busy day you may find yourself at Mittagong Lookout before you find somewhere to park. It isn’t far, so you can walk back easily. There is a stone constructed shelter and a stone wall at the edge of the view. A wire fenced perch extends from the wall to have that “out on the edge” experience. The views from here look over the Gibraltar Gap of the valley below.

Mittagong Lookout

Mittagong Lookout is the fourth lookout of the Mt Gibraltar Lookouts. It is not far from Jellore Lookout, and if you have a park already you can walk to it. The lookout is on a large rock platform which you can walk a fair way across. It overlooks the town of Mittagong below.

To get there:

From the Hume Highway, take the exit for Mittagong, and follow the signs towards Bowral, along Mittagong Road.

Turn into Oxley Drive from Mittagong Road near the Bowral Swimming Centre. Following this road, it narrows and climbs up Mount Gibraltar. After a tight bend to the left, keep following and you will come to the entry for the Bowral Lookout.

From Bowral Lookout, turn left out of the parking area and continue along Oxley Drive. The road turns to the right, with another road straight ahead, both are called Oxley Drive. The bend to the right is a shortcut that bypasses the next two lookouts. Continue straight ahead with the Jellore Lookout just off the side of the road on the left.

Mittagong Lookout is a little further along, not far from Jellore Lookout. Continue on further to rejoin Oxley Drive where the shortcut comes out. This intersection is where the stone sitting area is located. You can turn right here to go back towards Bowral, or left to head towards Mittagong.





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