Picnic Point

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Lookout from Picnic Point in Toowoomba with views off the Great Dividing Range towards Tabletop Mountain and the Lockyer Valley, Picnic Point has gardens, picnic areas, playground, waterfall, and walks

Picnic Point in Toowoomba is on the eastern side on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, looking over the Lockyer Valley and Table Top Mountain. Known as the Picnic Point Parklands, different parts of the parkland has something to offer for everyone, with great lookouts, gardens, picnic areas, playground, waterfall, and walks.

The main lookout area is the highest point of Picnic Point, with a long walkway along the face of the lookout. A retaining wall is immediately behind the walkway, with a slightly higher viewing point, and manicured gardens.

Table Top Mountain is prominent in the views, with its unique flat top shape. It looks like someone has lopped off the top of the mountain, leaving the flat top.

Further back from the lookout, and across the parking area, is a large park, called Picnic Point Square, or flagpole island. The park has playground equipment for the kids, tables to have a picnic at, and a rotunda. The Australian Flag flies on a large flag pole, added to the parklands as part of the Queensland 150 year celebrations in 2009.

To the left of the main area is a man made waterfall. Walking along the lookout walkway takes you to the top of the falls. Continue further and you can come back to the base of the falls. In my dry travels during the week, seeing many waterfalls with little to no water flow, these falls always flow.

This area has a tropical feel, with dense and shady plants, and the cliff walls protecting it from the afternoon sun. Stepping stones cross the water at the bottom of the waterfall, and make a great backdrop for photographs.

Lions Park is west of the waterfalls, on the northern side of Tourist Drive. There is a playground for the kids, tables, toilets and BBQs. Between Lions Park and the waterfall is a lookout platform extending out from the bank, Bill Goulds Lookout. The lookout here would be better if it were not for the tall trees growing immediately in front of it.

Heller Street Park is south across from the main Picnic Point park. This park is made for kids, with the main featured play equipment looking like they are from a cartoon. It has plenty of nearby parking, covered tables, BBQs and toilets. It is an ideal location to have a family gathering or a kid’s birthday party.

Tobruk Memorial Drive Park is west of the main park area, with it’s entrance just passed the kiosk. It is an open bushland park, with picnic areas and BBQs, and views. Depending which picnic area you pick, the views come with the BBQs and tables. At the bottom end of Tobruk Memorial Drive is the closest viewpoint of Table Top Mountain.

Near the main lookout is a cafe, restaurant and function centre, called Picnic Point Cafe and Restaurant. They offer sit down food. If you want to get something to have in the park, you need to bring it with you from elsewhere.

There are walking trails through the bushland around picnic point.

  • Firetail Walk – 2.1km walk one way, starts near the waterfall heading west, heads down the mountain range to the north of the lookout area, to near the end of Bridle Trail
  • Pardalote Walk – 1.9km walk one way, starts near the waterfall heading east, through the bushland park in Tobruk Memorial Drive Park, then south into South St, south of the Picnic Point Parklands
  • Fantail Walk – 900m one way, starts at the bottom of Tobruk Memorial Drive, coming off the Pardolote Walk, zigzagging down to part way along the Bridle Trail
  • Bridle Trail – 1.6km one way, starts from South Street (east of where Pardalote Walk finishes) and heads north through to Stevenson St at the bottom of the range where Firetail Walk finishes


To get there:

From Warrego Hwy at the eastern side of Toowoomba, turn into James St with the brown sign for Picnic Point. After 400m follow the road around to the right into Tourist Rd, then in 700m left at the roundabout. The entry to Picnic Point is 600m ahead.

Cost: Free

Hours: Anytime, Tobruk Memorial Drive open to vehicles 6am-8pm

Toilets: Yes

Bins: Yes

Tables: Yes

Seating: Yes

Water: Yes

Food: Yes, cafe/restaurant near main lookout

Wheelchair accessible: Yes, some areas won’t be accessible

Pets: Yes, on leash

Playground: Yes

BBQ: Yes

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