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View of Cania Dam from the Scenic Lookout above it

The scenic lookout at Cania Dam is on a high point above the dam across from the Castle Mountain cliffs of the Cania Gorge National Park.

You can drive to the lookout or walk from the recreational areas of Cania Dam Brown Sign link.

View of Castle Mountain from the Scenic Lookout above Cania DamAt the lookout is a brick shelter from which the views to the dam wall and the mountain cliffs can be seen from. Inside there is information about the dam and its construction.

A plaque contains the names of the pioneers of the district that were laid to rest in the Cania Cemetery before the land of the town was claimed to become the dam. Below is a list of names on a plaque and another plaque dedicated to the Childs family and Edward Victor Childs who was the last owner of the land prior to resumption for the Cania Dam.

Outside there is a monument with some of the headstones recovered from the Cania Goldfield Cemetery. An odd thing with the list in the shelter is that the dates are one day after the date on the headstones, except for Eliza Williams with the date eight days before it. The dates of the headstones are included in the list with an asterisk (*).

Monument with headstones saved from the Cania Cemetery which now lies beneath Cania DamThe monument also has a plaque for Ronald Frederick Carlsen who was accidentally killed 18th September 1981, during the construction of the dam.

There are no facilities at the lookout, however, there are great facilities at the recreation area of Cania Dam Brown Sign link below the lookout. There is a water tank next to the shelter but it was completely dry when we were there and not really suitable for drinking anyway.

Name Sex Calling Age D/Burial
WELLBY, Alfred M 5 days 8.1.1880
BROWN, Robert M MINER 56 25.10.1883
REID, John M MINER 48 23.3.1884
RAY, Henry M MINER 56 25.10.1884
KELLY, George Michael M 1 29.5.1886
CAMPBELL, James M BRICKLAYER 63 7.7.1886
CAMPBELL, John M MINER 64 11.8.1887
FULLER, Charles M MINER 65 9.8.1887
BROWN, Annie Millicent F 5 months 1.7.1889
LOLLER, Christian M MINER 60 17.6.1890
STREETER, Elizabeth F HOUSEWIFE 34 6.5.1890
CROSS, Frederick M MINER 50 1.7.1890
SUR, Ah M MINER 50 29.3.1891
DOYLE, Mary Ann F HOUSEWIFE 32 28.4.1891
DARE, Alfred M GARDENER 70 27.12.1892
OWENS, Peter M MINER 75 2.1.1893
DAN, Ah M 75 18.9.1897
BLUNDELL, Peter M MINER 63 19.9.1898
CARIGE, Henry Arthur Chalmers M 18 8.10.1900
LINDORES, Henry Gilbert M 16 24.12.1900
WOLF, Christian M MINER 76 22.2.1903
HOLLIDAY, George M MINER 77 4.3.1903
CHUT, Ah M LABOURER 70 5.11.1903
WILES, Edward John M 2 21.2.1904
KLOSTERMANN, Frederick M MINER 70 4.9.1904
DAVIES, Ellis M MINER 64 5.2.1905
SAUNDERS, Henry M LABOURER 86 3.6.1905
WILES, Agnes Elizabeth F 2 21.6.1905
WAKEFIELD, Jane F 82 4.9.1907
CLARKE, David M MINER 71 13.4.1908
KEELEY, Robert M MINER 20.9.1908
HARRIS, Herbert Henry Nallor M 8 20.8.1909
MARTIN, George M MINER 77 12.3.1912
STEPHEN, James * M BUTCHER 73 23.12.1912
REID, Joseph M MINER 70 2.2.1913
MCGOWAN, Leonard Bowden M HOTEL KEEPER 32 16.7.1913
WEESELME, Emma F D/DUTIES 29.8.1914
WALKER, John Edward Ernest M PENSIONER 79 13.11.1914
COULAHAN, Michael M MINER 76 1.4.1916
SARGENT, William Robert M MINER 72 8.4.1916
WESLEING, William M PENSIONER 79 9.9.1916
STEPHEN, Robert M STOREKEEPER 76 22.7.1917
HAWKINS, William Lewis M MINER 80 26.11.1917
SMITH, George M PENSIONER 83 25.6.1919
BURRILL, Robert M MINER 64 15.9.1919
MELDON, Joseph M SCALPER 60 5.1.1920
HICKEY, Henry M MINER 77 3.5.1921
CHILDS, Agnes Vera F 8 8.2.1926
MCNAMARA, Michael M MINER 84 29.9.1929
CUMMINS, Patrick M MINER 84 9.11.1935
HICKEY, Mary F HOUSEWIFE 85 5.1944

To get there:

Brown sign for Scenic LookoutFrom Monto, head north along the Burnett Hwy for 9.2km and turn right into Cania Rd. Follow Cania Rd for 12.5km, passing through Moonford, to reach the entrance of the Cania Gorge National Park. Continue for 12.3km further and turn left at the roundabout. Drive up the hill 300m to the lookout.

From Thangool, head south along the Burnett Hwy for 69.9km and turn left into Cania Rd. Follow Cania Rd for 12.5km, passing through Moonford, to reach the entrance of the Cania Gorge National Park. Continue for 12.3km further and turn left at the roundabout. Drive up the hill 300m to the lookout.

Cost: Free

Hours: Free

Toilets: No

Bins: No

Tables: No

Seating: No

Water: No

Food: No

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Pets: No


Playground: No

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