Tien Tsin Lookout

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View of the Cossack Township from the Tien Tsin Lookout

Tien Tsin Lookout is on a hill in the abandoned town of Cossack in Western Australia.

The town was first called Tien Tsin Harbour, named after the basque Tien Tsin that landed the first cattle stock into the area. Other names in the area came from the same ship. Butcher’s Inlet is named after Chief Officer Butcher who served under Captain Jarman, of whom Jarman Island had been named after.

Water tank at Tien Tsin Lookout
Photo from Marco Meierhofer on Google Street View

The lookout gives a great view of the Cossack Township, in particular, the Pearl Street section where most of the remaining buildings are, along with the land backed wharf of Cossack’s port. The school can be seen in the opposite direction to the south-west.

To the north, Settler’s Beach can be seen, so a good overview of the whole area is seen from Tien Tsin Lookout.

The hill the lookout is on has a large water tank at the top. There are some paintings on the side of the tank.

Tien Tsin Lookout is on the Emma Withnell Heritage Trail Brown Sign link, created as an Australian Bicentennial project.

To get there:

Brown sign for Tien Tsin Lookout

From the northern end of Roebourne along North West Coastal Hwy (Cleaverville Rd), turn into Point Samson-Roebourne Rd at the brown sign for Cossack. Follow Point Samson-Roebourne Rd for 8.2km and turn right into Cossack Rd at the brown sign. Follow Cossack Rd for 5.2km to reach the Cossack Historic Town. Turn left into Pearl St, then after 100m turn left into Perseverance St. After 100m, turn right into the access track and it is about 130m to the top of Tien Tsin Lookout.







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