Due to COVID-19, there have been restrictions in place preventing travel around Australia. Restrictions have greatly eased for travel, however, Brown Sign destinations may still have restricted opening hours or remain closed at this time, any opening hours shown should not be relied upon. Continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene at all times. More information on traveling in Australia

QLD National Parks

Queensland National Parks are managed by Parks and Forests Offsite link, of the Department of Environment and Science. It manages national parks and conservations across the state.

A vehicle access pass for QLD national parks is required for some parks.

Most parks also require camping fees where camping is permitted.

Apple Tree Park - Apple Tree Park is part of Springbrook. The park is fairly protected with shade and has some good facilities to stop for a picnic lunch or a late afternoon nibblies on your way back out from a day at Springbrook. Apple Tree Park is not the first brown sign destination at Springbrook, but it is ... Read more
Best Of All Lookout - The name of some destinations is based on what you can see and provide you with an expectation of what the view will be. Nearby Canyon Lookout , for example, looks over a canyon. So when a lookout is named “Best Of All Lookout”, it sets a high bar for itself. Best Of All Lookout in ... Read more
Set of small waterfalls flowing into a large waterhole, taken at at Booloumba Creek Falls Booloumba Creek - Booloumba Creek in Conondale National Park, accessible only by four wheel drive, is a showcase of stunning scenery in the rugged Conondale Range. It is filled with lush rainforests, boulder-strewn creeks, and the highlight, the Booloumba Falls. Booloumba Creek is accessible from Maleny Kenilworth Rd, a short way from the Fig Tree Walk and the ... Read more
Burtons Well - Burtons Well is a camping area in the Bunya Mountains, an alternative to the popular Dandabah  camping area. It doesn’t have the cafes and a general store, and the showers are not as convenient, requiring water to be heated in a donkey boiler first and put into a shower bag to be hung in the ... Read more
Rock wall cliff with red colours and rock arch in the background, at Cania Gorge National Park on the Two Storey Cave walk Cania Gorge National Park - Cania Gorge National Park is a place with amazing sandstone cliffs and landscapes. It is located near Monto, west of Bundaberg, and was recognised early on by Clark Bartlett who was an unofficial tourist guide from 1970. There is a memorial for Clark Barlett  in the national park. Six of the seven walks start at ... Read more
Canyon Lookout - Canyon Lookout is in Springbrook, only a few metres from the parking area. It has views across the canyon, and down the valley through to the Gold Coast in the distance. Rainbow Falls can be seen on the other side of the canyon, falling from the rock cliffs opposite the Canyon Lookout. The Twin Falls ... Read more
Crows Nest National Park - Crows Nest National Park north of Toowoomba has a day use picnic area and walking track to view the Crows Nest Falls and look down the Valley of Diamonds from Koonin Lookout along Crows Nest Creek. The day use area has picnic tables and free gas BBQs, and toilets not too far away. There is ... Read more
Dandabah - Dandabah is one of three three camping areas in the Bunya Mountains National Park, along with Burtons Well  and Westcott. Dandabah is the main site and the location with the National Parks office where you can get permits from if camping overnight. Dandabah also has a number of places to get something to eat or ... Read more
Railway tunnel in Dularcha National Park Dularcha To Ewen Maddock Circuit - We conducted Dularcha To Ewen Maddock Circuit in two stages, the first visiting the Dularcha National Park and later riding the Dularcha To Ewen Maddock Circuit the signs are there for, as a guide to navigate parts of the circuit. Our first visit started from Mooloolah Valley, parking near the Dularcha National Park entrance on ... Read more
Fort Lytton buildings inside the fort parade ground Fort Lytton National Park - Usually, when going to a national park, the arrival is at a campground or parking near the start of walking trails that take you through the natural environments we have access to. Fort Lytton National Park is different to most national parks, the historical military establishment the main feature of the park. On the southern ... Read more
Goomoolahra Picnic Area Lookouts - Goomoolahra Picnic Area is a picnic area at the end of Springbrook Rd at Springbrook. It is set beside the Mundora Creek, with some picnic spots right at the creek. Goomoolahra is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘big waterfall’. There are picnic tables and wood BBQs, although it appeared only one BBQ was functional. Make sure ... Read more
View from Governors Chair Lookout at Spicers Gap Governors Chair Lookout - Governors Chair Lookout is perched at the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range looking over the Fassifern Valley. Across the valley, various mountain peaks can be seen. Mt Walker, Mt Edwards, Mt French , Mt Greville, Mt Alford, Mt Moon, Mt Maroon, and Mt Toowoona are all visible on the horizon. Lake Moogerah can be seen ... Read more
Gwongorella Picnic Area - Gwongorella Picnic Area is at Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland. As the name suggests, it is a picnic area. There are plenty of brown sign destinations with picnic facilities in the Springbrook area, Gwongorella has the most space available. Getting a car park within the parking area was a challenge, as it is also ... Read more
Large rockpool with a small waterfall in the background, at the Kondalilla Falls National Park Kondalilla Falls National Park - Kondallila Falls near Montville is an 80-metre waterfall with a natural rock pool at the top of the falls. The main walk to the falls leads to the top of the falls, with a longer walk down to the bottom of the falls and back around to the other side at the top. Kondalilla is an ... Read more
Kondalilla National Park (southern access) - Kondalilla National Park is in the Blackall Range, west of the Sunshine Coast. It is nestled between Lake Baroon and Mapleton, just west of Montville. It is named after the Kondalilla Falls, an Aboriginal word meaning “rushing waters”. Kondalilla Falls  is the main attraction in the Kondalilla National Park, but there is a southern access ... Read more
View from The Lookout at Kroombit Tops looking over the Boyne Valley. Kroombit Tops National Park north of Cania Gorge Kroombit Tops National Park - Kroombit Tops is a national park in a rugged area north of Monto and Cania Gorge National Park, south-west of Gladstone and east of Biloela. The park is accessible to conventional vehicles however to see the whole park a high clearance 4wd is recommended. There are three entrances to Kroombit Tops National Park. Conventional vehicles ... Read more
Walking track through subtropical rainforest, along the Greenes Falls Track in Maiala of D'Aguilar National Park Maiala - Mount Glorious is a popular destination for Brisbane residents, close to the city yet you feel like you are a world away. Maiala National Park was first formed in 1940, with sections set aside since 1901. The first walking track started in 1946 using unemployed men after the war to build tracks. The Rainforest Circuit ... Read more
Cascade Falls at Goomburra Section, water flowing into waterhole Main Range National Park Goomburra Section - Part of the Great Dividing Range, Goomburra Section provides spectacular walks and views through the rugged mountain area and two camping grounds. Goomburra Section is the most northern of 4 main locations of the Main Range National Park. The other sections include Queen Mary Falls  at the southern end and Spicers Gap  and Cunninghams Gap in the middle. The ... Read more
Main Range National Park Picnic Area, open grass with picnic tables and bush behind Main Range National Park Picnic Area - The Main Range National Park Picnic Area is one of two brown sign destinations at Cunninghams Gap section of the Main Range National Park. The other sections are Goomburra Section , Spicers Gap , and Queen Mary Falls . The Picnic Area is separated from the Walking Tracks at Cunninghams Gap, likely because there is ... Read more
Main Range National Park view from Rainforest Circuit Main Range National Park Walking Tracks - The Main Range National Park Walking Tracks is the main part of the Cunningham’s Gap section of the Main Range National Park. It is between Spicers Gap  to the south and Goomburra Section  to the north. Queen Mary Falls  is the fourth section of the Main Range National Park. The walking tracks are mainly class ... Read more
Viewing platform at the Mapleton Falls National Park Mapleton Falls National Park - Mapleton Falls National Park is a small section just south of the larger Mapleton National Park, only 4kms from the township of Mapleton. The falls are less than 50m the parking area, making it one of the most easily accessible waterfalls we’ve been too. Unfortunately, the view of the falls themselves is not the best. ... Read more
Disused sawmill at the end of the walking trail at Mt Cougal National Park Mt Cougal National Park - Part of the Springbrook National Park, Mount Cougal section is a beautiful part of the ancient Gondwana Rainforest. The brown sign leads to a National Park facility area with parking, picnic tables, and toilets. The picnic tables are surrounded in lush greenery providing a wonderful spot for us to have a picnic lunch before we ... Read more
Mt French National Park - Mount French is a volcanic peak near the township of Boonah. There are two walking tracks at Mount French, with the easiest being a wheelchair friendly class 1 track. The North cliff track is 700m return, leading to Logans Lookout. The walk is easy with bitumen laid for the entire walk, making it accessible for ... Read more
Mt Ngungun - The Glass House Mountains is a distinctive feature at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane. The remnants of volcanic activity, the peaks rise from the coastal area hundreds of metres, distinctively towering above the land. Mount Ngungun is one of the smaller of the Glass House peaks at 253m. It ... Read more
Natural Bridge - Natural Bridge is a rock formation, making an arch over Cave Creek. The arch is made from the waterfall cut a hole through to a cave. The cave is home to glow worms and micro bats. It is about a 1km walk through the rainforest, winding down towards the rock arch. The enclosed rainforest canopy for ... Read more
Looking up at a waterfall from the bottom, located at Purling Brook Falls Purling Brook Falls Lookout - The brown sign destination Purling Brook Falls Lookout is a highlight at Springbrook. It is accessible from the Gwongorella Picnic Area , or from The Settlement Day Use Area. The brown signs lead you to Gwongorella Picnic Area. I was at Gwongorella Picnic Area the afternoon before, and had a quick look at the falls, ... Read more
Queen Mary Falls - Queen Mary Falls is a 40 metre plunge waterfall along Spring Creek from the McPherson Range. Located in the Darling Downs region, it is the main destination many people go to along The Falls Drive, with Daggs Falls , Browns Falls , and Teviot Falls  also along Spring Creek Road. Queen Mary Falls is the ... Read more
View from Spicers Gap Spicers Gap - Spicers Gap is a pass over the Great Dividing Range, found in 1847 by a stockman as an easier route to Cunninghams Gap which proved to be too steep for regular travel. A major road through Spicers Gap was built in the late 1850s through to the mid-1860s, though its use declined not long afterwards ... Read more
Tallanbana Picnic Area - Tallanbana Picnic Area is a small picnic area at Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland. Tallanbana is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘out of the rushes’. The picnic grounds has picnic tables, most are set under cover or well shaded by the surrounding trees, and flushing toilets. From Tallanbana Picnic Area, a short walk leads to ... Read more
The Palms National Park - The Palms National Park, between Yarraman and Cooyar, is a small pocket remnant of the palm subtropical rainforest and vine forest in the area. Much of the area was cleared with the arrival of the timber industry, and the forest replaced by grazing land and crops. The national park is in a spring fed gully, ... Read more
Wunburra Lookout - Wunburra Lookout is the first brown sign tourist destination entering into the Springbrook Mountain area, at the southern end of a split section of the road. Wunburra is an Aboriginal word meaning “run up hill – hunting dog” The view from is from a platform built to the edge of the hillside. The lookout is across ... Read more