Gantheaume Point

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View of Gantheaume Point from the walking trail, Cable Beach in the background on the right side
Photo from Google Street View

Gantheaume Point is the red rocky headland at the southern end of Cable Beach Brown Sign link in Broome.

From the parking area, there are information boards giving information about the area. A walk leads to the point itself, passing the lighthouse on its steel structure.

The current lighthouse was built in 1984 with the original lighthouse first built in 1906.

There are castings of dinosaur footprints, the footprints themselves are about 30 metres offshore and visible only during very low tides. The footprints are thought to have been made around 130 million years ago.

The colours of the ochre red rocks and sandstone are beautiful on the headland, a photographers delight. It is also a great spot to view the long stretch of white sand of Cable Beach from its most southern end.

Gantheaume Point was named by Nicolas Baudin, a French explorer who passed the area in 1801. He didn’t look at the area too closely, thinking it was separated from the mainland, he named it Gantheaume Island. It was in 1821 when Phillip Parker King discovered the error and it was renamed to Gantheaume Point.

4wd access to Cable Beach can be had near Gantheaume Point.

To get there:

Brown sign for Gantheaume Point

From the main part of Broome, head west on Frederick St about 2km to a roundabout. Turn right following the brown sign for Cable Beach onto Cable Beach Rd East and follow 1.5km to the end to another roundabout. Turn left following the brown sign to Gantheaume Point onto Gubinge Rd and follow it for another 1.9km. Turn right into Gantheaume Point Rd and follow for 3.4km and the parking area is on the right.

Coming into Broome along Broome Rd from the Great Northern Hwy, continue straight ahead towards Cable Beach on Gubinge Rd (not towards the town centre). Continue on Gubinge Rd for another 5.7km and turn right into Gantheaume Point Rd at the brown sign for Gantheaume Point. Follow Gantheaume Point Rd for 3.4km and the parking area is on the right.



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