Natural Bridge

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Natural Bridge rock formation in Kalbarri National Park on the Western Australian coast

Natural Bridge is a rock formation that has been weathered away on the Kalbarri coastline and still attached forming a bridge to the rock stack.

Kalbarri National Park coastal cliffs Brown Sign link has a few scenic brown sign destinations, including the similar Island Rock Brown Sign link. It is similar in that it formed the same way but it is separated from the coastline.

The coloured layers of sandstone are called Tumblagooda Sandstone, old layers of sand and silt from 480 million years ago. The white rocks in the upper section is softer limestone, “only” two million years old.

The lookout for Natural Bridge is a short walk from the parking area, about 500 metres return. The bridge formation is the main feature but the coastline in general is beautiful in itself.

Along the track to Natural Bridge is another lookout point called Castle Cove which looks towards Island Rock. It is a short drive to Island Rock, however, you can walk along the Bigurda Trail to Island Rock too, which is about 1.5km return from the Natural Bridge parking area.

It is a wonder how the softer rock above is still intact but the hard rock below has worn away. Eventually, the bridge will collapse like it did for Island Rock and the London Bridge formation that used to be along the Great Ocean Road before it collapsed.

If you are from Queensland you may notice the familiar name of the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park Brown Sign link, however, the formation is very different. Springbrook’s is formed along a fresh water course with a waterfall through a hole and you can walk in underneath as well as view from above. Natural Bridge in Kalbarri National Park is carved and formed along the coastline with a distinct separation of the base from the cliffs.

To get there:

Brown sign for Natural Bridge, 4km

From Kalbarri township, head south along Grey St which starts heading west. It bends to the left and becomes Red Bluff Rd. From the bend, follow for 10.5km and turn right at the brown sign for Island Rock (and Grandstand and Natural Bridge). Follow for 4km to reach the parking area for Natural Bridge.




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