Pental Island

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Bridge over Little Murray River to cross over to Pental Island

Pental Island is an inland island bound by the Murray River and the anabranch Little Murray River. Little Murray River is on the southern side of the island, with the New South Wales and Victoria border along the Murray River on the north side, making Pental Island part of Victoria.

An anabranch is when a river branches and then later both flow back into the same river. Little Murray River, sometimes referred to as Marraboor River, splits from the Murray River east of Fish Point.

The Little Murray River flows northwest and rejoins with the Murray River at Swan Hill after 46kms. Along the way, the Loddon River joins Little Murray River, and it has been argued Little Murray River is a continuation of Loddon River.

The Aboriginal people from the area called the river Parnimilli, which means little river. That’s four different names for the same river (Little Murray, Marraboor, Loddon, and Parnimilli), but Little Murray River seems to be used the most often.

Pental Island is predominately farmland and is accessed from one of two bridges, both across the Little Murray River, with no crossings from New South Wales. The crossing at Swan Hill is at the southern end of the town on Pental Island Rd. The other crossing is nearly 8km along Fish Point Rd from Murray Valley Hwy, which is 3km south-east of Lake Boga.

There doesn’t really seem there is much to do on Pental Island, other than go to Loddon Floodway Brown Sign link where there is a free camp on the Murray River, and there is a spot along the river about 4kms from the bridge at Swan Hill where you can access the banks of the Little Murray River, or visit the caravan park on the island.

To get there:

Brown sign for Pental Island

If coming into Swan Hill from Lake Boga along the Murray Valley Hwy, turn right into Pental Island Rd at the brown sign. If you reach the Welcome to Swan Hill sign, you have gone too far. You will cross the bridge onto Pental Island in 300m along Pental Island Rd.

If coming into Swan Hill from the North along the Murray Valley Hwy, on approach of the large roundabout, take the first exit veering to the left. After 1.4km, go straight through the roundabout. Continue for 2.4km and turn left into Pental Island Rd at the brown sign. You will cross the bridge onto Pental Island in 300m.

If coming into Swan Hill from the West along Sea Lake-Swan Hill Rd. Sea Lake-Swan Hill Rd becomes McCallum St, and goes passed the Swan Hill Showgrounds. Continue for 1km passed the showgrounds, and turn right at the roundabout into Curlewis St (Murray Valley Hwy). Continue for 2.4km and turn left into Pental Island Rd at the brown sign. You will cross the bridge onto Pental Island in 300m.

From Lake Boga, head south-east along Murray Valley Hwy for about 2.7km, and turn left into Fish Point Rd. Continue for 7.9km and you will cross the bridge at the southeastern end of the island. Fish Point Rd continues for another 2.6km, bending to the left and becomes Pental Island Rd. Following Pental Island Rd for another 20.4km will bring you to the bridge at Swan Hill.

Cost: Free

Hours: Anytime

Toilets: No

Bins: No

Tables: No

Seating: No

Water: No

Food: No

Wheelchair accessible: Yes, but very conditional on where you stop on the island

Pets: No


Playground: No

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