Teddington Weir

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FreeFlushing ToiletsRubbish BinsPicnic TablesDrinking Fountain and Tap PotableWheelchair Accessible with AssistancePets on LeashPlayground

Teddington Weir is a dam on Tinana Creek south of Maryborough, first built in 1875. The current weir was last worked on in 1975, having been reconstructed twice after it was first built.

The weir holds 3,500 megalitres and is the main storage of water for Maryborough. Tallegalla Weir is further upstream, also built as water storage for Maryborough holding 400 megalitres. These days, it is now mostly backup storage for Teddington Weir during drought.

Water wasn’t flowing too quickly when we were there. It wasn’t noticeable, barely dribbling enough to keep the front of the weir damp. The only noticeable running water was down the crazy maze part of the weir on the left size.

Maze part down the left side of a weir and a large log left behind from a past flood, taken at Teddington Weir

The maze looking part is intriguing. It would be good to have some information somewhere at the weir or the reserve explaining the design of the weir. I’m sure there is a specific function for the maze part.

The causeway runs below and in front of the weir with the road turning towards the weir and climbing up beside it. There is a concrete ledge from which you can get a better view of the view from the side. There is no parking along the side or up higher so I walked across and up to the ledge.

Teddington Weir as seen from a concrete ledge above the side road

A reserve is located just before the road dips down to cross Tinana Creek over a causeway in front of the weir. The reserve is the best place for parking from where you can walk down the road to the causeway and weir.

I managed to park off the road part way down but the verge is rough and rocky and generally not suitable for parking on. There certainly isn’t any provision for parking.

The reserve has much more parking available. If you can’t find a spot to park then there must be some event happening there because there are several acres you could park if needed.

There are some spots in front of the reserve near the toilets and more spots behind the park with an access track to the left of the toilets. Across the road is a massive open field for a few trees here and there.

It was very dry, evident with the lack of flowing water at the weir. The reserve suffered from lack of rain also with it being quite dry and dusty. It is otherwise quite a nice spot.

There is a small playground and some picnic tables in the main park, some of them sheltered. It also has a free barbeque available for use and fresh water is on tap along with a water fountain. The toilets are flushing too, quite lavish facilities for a location that is rather remote.

The more open area across the road is more sparse with only a couple of picnic tables under the shade of some large gum trees.

Teddington Weir isn’t a typical spot for tourists to visit in the Fraser Coast region. It is quite old and the weir looks like it is run down and not used, in spite of the fact it is a functional water storage for a major town in Queensland.

It’s run down look adds to its appeal to a degree and the maze-looking part makes you wonder for what function it has been designed to be included with the weir.

To get there:

Brown sign for Teddington Weir, 11.5km

From Gympie Rd in Maryborough, turn into Teddington Rd at the brown sign and follow to the weir.



Toilets:Flushing Toilets


Tables/Seating:Picnic Tables

Water:Drinking Fountain and Tap Potable

Wheelchair accessible:With assistance

Pets:Yes, on leash


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