Mystery Craters

Rock slab with large crater holes, at The Mystery Craters near Bundaberg, a mystery that has baffled scientists across the world since the 1970s

The Mystery Craters is an unusual natural rock formation discovered in the 1970s, between Bundaberg and Gin Gin. The craters are a natural formation, the mystery comes from the location and the mixture of rock that has baffled geologists across the world. An interesting feature of the Mystery Craters is the red ochre evenly distributed throughout … Read more

Smelter Site

Slag heap from the Mount Perry Smelter Site showing the cross-section layers and the coppery coloured tile-like tops and the rubble underneath

The Smelter Site at Mount Perry is the site of the Mount Perry Smelter originating in 1872, now only the slag heaps remain. Mount Clara Smelter Chimney  is the oldest remaining smelter chimney which was built the following year. The edge of the slag heap is viewable from the road but is fenced off from accessing below … Read more