Kenniff Tree

The Kenniff Tree is named after the brother bushrangers Patrick and James Kenniff (Pat and Jimmy). The old Coolibah tree was they tethered their horses when visiting Augathella, providing a shady spot for the horses and not too far from the Burenda Hotel. This let them do all of their business while in town, but … Read more

Thunderbolts Grave

Thunderbolt’s Grave is the grave of Frederick Ward, a bushranger in the 1800s known as Captain Thunderbolt. Fred Ward died 25th May, 1870, aged 36 years. There have been claims made that the grave is of his uncle (or brother?) William, and Fred was not shot at Kentucky Creek (roughly west of Thunderbolts Rock). The … Read more

Thunderbolts Cave

Entrance of Thunderbolt's Cave

Thunderbolt’s Cave is named after Captain Thunderbolt, a bushranger in the 1800s who used the cave as a hideout in 1867 and 1868. He conducted robberies in the New England area through to Tamworth. Frederick Wordsworth Ward (1835-1870) was renowned for escaping from Cockatoo Island in 1863 and had a reputation of a “gentleman bushranger”. … Read more