St Francis Xavier Cathedral

The front of the St Francis Xavier Cathedral at Geraldton in Western Australia

The St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton was completed in 1938, taking around twenty-two years from when the foundations began. Motions to start building a new cathedral in Geraldton began in 1913 when Geraldton’s bishop, William Kelly, met Father John Cyril Hawes in Rome. The first foundations were laid in the middle of 1916. There … Read more

HMAS Sydney Memorial

Memorial for the HMAS Sydney II in Geraldton

HMAS Sydney was a light cruiser of the British Modified Leander class. First named as HMS Phaeton when the building started in 1933, the ship was purchased by the Commonwealth of Australia and renamed. HMAS Sydney served the Australian Navy from 1935 to 1941 when it was sunk during a battle off the Western Australia … Read more

Separation Point Lookout

Separation Point Lookout

Separation Point Lookout is a small lookout area on the southern coastal shoreline of Geraldton in Western Australia. Just to the south of the main part of Geraldton, the lookout provides a view over the ocean, with the Point Moore Lighthouse to the north-west and the sand dunes of Cape Burney towards the south. The … Read more

Eagle Gorge

Red sandstone cliffs and a beach in a gorge, taken at Eagle Gorge in Kalbarri National Park

Eagle Gorge is one of a couple of gorges along the coastal cliffs of Kalbarri National Park and the northern most park of the Bigurda Trail that takes you 8km to Natural Bridge. The Kalbarri coastline is unique along the Western Australian coast because it is the only section that has sandstone exposed. Typically, the … Read more

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock is at the coastal part of the Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia. This section of the coastline is spectacularly adorned by red-streaked sandstone cliffs, coloured by the rich iron content in the stone. One of several destinations along a short strip of the coastline, Mushroom Rock is connected to Rainbow Valley with … Read more

Red Bluff

Red cliff coastline with blue ocean and blue sky, taken at Red Bluff in Kalbarri National Park

Red Bluff is a prominent red sandstone point near Kalbarri and is part of the Kalbarri National Park. The red sandstone is unique on the coastline as most of the coast here is of limestone. The limestone has weathered away and exposed the iron-rich sandstone cliffs. Red Bluff was a landmark for early Dutch explorers, … Read more


Grandstand Shellhouse Kalbarri National Park

Grandstand and Shellhouse are a couple of a few destinations along the Kalbarri National Park coastal cliffs , beautiful red sandstone weathered by the ocean and wind. Grandstand is accessed directly with a brown sign directing you to it. From the parking area, Grandstand is close and can be seen more or less straight away. … Read more

Island Rock

Rugged sandstone coastline with a solitary rock stack off the shoreline, taken at Island Rock in Kalbarri National Park

Island Rock is a solitary ‘sea stack’ along the Kalbarri National Park Coastal Cliffs . It was once part of the shoreline, however, after erosion from the seas, wind and rain, the layers of sandstone rock has become separated. Island Rock, one of many brown sign destinations to see along the coast, is near the … Read more