Carnarvon Gorge

Rock walls towering above in the distance, walking up the main trail of Carnarvon Gorge

Hidden in the rugged ranges of Queensland’s central highlands, Carnarvon Gorge features towering sandstone cliffs, vibrantly coloured side gorges, diverse flora and fauna and Aboriginal rock art. Main Gorge Walking Trails There are no bus tours to get around the sights of Carnarvon Gorge. The only way to see the sights is to walk the … Read more

Curtain Fig Tree

Curtain Fig Tree in the Atherton Tablelands, Tropical North Queensland

The unique Curtain Fig Tree can be considered as one of the Atherton Tablelands’ most famous trees, if not challenged by the Cathedral Fig Tree , a 20-minute drive to the north. The curtain fig tree started upright like most do, then the host tree fell before the fig developed sufficiently to support itself. After … Read more

War Cemeteries

Japanese War Cemeteries in Cowra

Cowra was one of five locations with a detention camp detaining Japanese prisoners of war and civilian internees. There were 18 camps throughout Australia, prisoner of War camp number 12 in Cowra had a capacity of 4,000 prisoners. The Japanese compound had a capacity of 1,000 and the population increased to 1,100 by July 1944. … Read more

P.O.W. Campsite

POW campsite in Cowra NSW

When you think of POWs and Australia’s involvement in World War II, it usually brings thoughts of Australian’s being held in POW camps in Japanese-occupied territories. There were 28 major camps established in Australia. The Cowra Prisoner of War Camp was camp 12, opening in June 1941, even though it hadn’t been completed. Prisoners didn’t … Read more

Thrill Hill Waterslide

Thrill Hill Waterslide amusement park in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland

When you think of theme parks in Queensland, you tend to think of the big ones – Movie World, Sea World , and Dreamworld. There is also the big water park, Wet’n’Wild . The Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, may not have fun parks to the same size but it does have Aussie World . … Read more

Historical Feature

Rocks that are a historical feature, surrounded by a log fence and a plaque placed in front of it

Located in the Wamuran Basin, the spot where the first settlers used their camp oven remains. If it wasn’t for the plaque, you’d be forgiven for walking by it without noticing. At most, you might see an odd pile of rocks. The Anderson Family used this site before 1907. There isn’t any further information I … Read more

Air Museum

CAC CA-22/25 Winjeel training aircraft from the 1950s, at the Queensland Air Museum in Caloundra

Whether you are an aviation enthusiast or not, the Queensland Air Museum is sure to be an experience to interest everyone. The collection of aircraft is impressive with a combination of enclosed display areas, covered displays, and open air displays. Most of the really large aircraft are understandably in the open air, except for the … Read more

Henrietta Creek

Nandroya Falls on the walk from Henrietta Creek Campground

Henrietta Creek runs through the Palmerston (Doongan) section of the Wooroonooran National Park, between Millaa Millaa and Innisfail in Tropical North Queensland. It is a grassy camping area beside the Henrietta Creek, suitable for tent, camper trailer, campervan and caravans. Walks From the Henrietta Creek camping ground, there are two walks you can take. The … Read more