Big Magpie

Big Magpie in Muswellbrook, NSW

Carved with a chainsaw from a single piece of wood by Mark Ray, the Big Magpie is found in Simpson Park in Muswellbrook.

Big Blue Heeler Cattle Dog

Big Blue Heeler statue in Muswellbrook NSW

The Blue Heeler in Muswellbrook, New South Wales, stands 2 metres tall. Built in 2001, the town in the upper Hunter Valley prides itself on being Blue Heeler country. Feature image from Wikimedia Commons

Silo Hill

This may be a bit of a cheat, as it isn’t a road authority tourist sign. There is a sign, it is brown with white lettering, and it is interesting so it’s made it in here – as a brown sign! Silo Hill in Stroud is along the Thunderbolt Way. Silo Hill contains 8 underground … Read more

Scenic Park, Stroud Road

This is a small rest area, north of Stroud along The Bucketts Way. There isn’t much here, and while the view is nice enough if you need to stop, it isn’t much to stop for. There is a playground for kids, and a table and chairs making it handy to stop for a break, but … Read more

Kia Ora Lookout

Panoramic views over Gloucester and Barrington Valley from the Kia Ora Lookout

Kia Ora Lookout is just outside of Gloucester, and offers panoramic views of the district. View over Gloucester and Barrington Valley, and Barrington Tops in the distance. The hill has telecommunication towers, taking advantage of the high position. There isn’t much in the way of facilities, but there is a sheltered table with bench seats, … Read more

Big Wo-Man Sculpture

Wo-Man sculpture at the old half way roadstop on the putty road between Sydney and Singleton

The Wo-Man Sculpture is a larger-than-life sculpture made by Dave Thurston. Wo-Man is both man and woman, depending which side you view it from. From the road, the sculpture is a man. From behind, the sculpture is a woman. It is located at what used to be the halfway roadhouse on the Putty Road. The … Read more