Major J. F. Thomas

Grave in a cemetery with a brown sign above it, Major J.F. Thomas, taken at Tenterfield cemetery

The grave of Major James Francis Thomas (Major J F Thomas) is in the cemetery in Tenterfield. Thomas was born in 1861 in St Marys NSW, starting his career in law in Sydney before moving to Tenterfield. Major Thomas went to the war with Sir Harry Chauvel, another historical military person from the Tenterfield region. … Read more

Historic Deepwater Railway Station

Historical railway station building at Deepwater in NSW

Deepwater Railway Station was opened in 1886 and in its heyday became the busiest and biggest freight centre north of Newcastle. The building is not open for viewing but you can wander around and have a look. You can walk around the back to the platform where there is some railway line still there and … Read more


Slab hut with iron roof and stone fireplace and chimney on the end, taken of Mulligan's Hut in Gibraltar Range National Park

Mulligans is an area in the Gibraltar Range National Park named after William Mulligan who proposed a hydroelectric scheme for the area. Mulligans Hut is one of two huts William Mulligan built, the area is referred to as Mulligans Campground or Mulligans Hut Campground. William Mulligan was born of a local grazing family in 1862 … Read more

Raspberry Lookout

Two people standing at the lookout of mountains and valleys, taken at Raspberry Lookout in the Gibraltar Ranges National Park

Raspberry Lookout in the Gibraltar Range National Park has spectacular views from the tableland across the Mann River to Nymboida National Park. The lookout has a wide railing with an open and unobstructed area to view from. You get a sense of being high above the surrounding mountain forests off tops of the Gibraltar Range. … Read more

Mt Mackenzie Lookout

View over Tenterfield in the distance, taken from Mt Mackenzie Lookout

Mt Mackenzie Lookout is located in the Mount Mackenzie Nature Reserve near Tenterfield in northern New South Wales. At 1,298 metres above sea level, the lookout has views to the east over Tenterfield and the mountains across the Queensland border in the distance. Mount Mackenzie is named after Scottish born Robert R Mackenzie, who took … Read more

Centenary Cottage Museum

Centenary Cottage Museum in Tenterfield, taken from the street out the front

Centenary Cottage was built in Tenterfield in 1871, itself a piece of colonial history, it is now a museum with a collection of memorabilia from Tenterfield and the surrounding areas. The land was the first town land sold in Tenterfield in 1854, taking nearly 20 years before the cottage was built. It was opened as … Read more

Railway Museum

Model of the Tenterfield Railway Station, at the railway museum in Tenterfield

The railway through Tenterfield has long been quiet, it has been nearly 30 years since the service ended. Tenterfield Railway Station is not as quiet, especially during the Saturday markets. The railway station is a marvellous example of the architecture used in NSW railway in the late 19th century and is well maintained. Brightly coloured … Read more