Hearsons Cove

Beach with red hill headland in the background, taken at Hearsons Cove in Western Australia

Hearsons Cove is a small beach surrounded by steep rugged hills of the Burrup Peninsula. It faces into Nichol Bay, on the opposite side of the peninsula to Withnell Bay. Between May and October, Hearsons Cove is one of the few places where you can see the phenomenon called the Staircase to the Moon, where … Read more

Withnell Bay

Bay water with sunlight reflecting from a rock ledge shoreline, taken at Withnell Bay in Western Australia

Withnell Bay is a beach in the north-western area of Western Australia and is on the south-western edge of the Murujuga National Park. The beach is about 300m of high tide sand with two sections of rock breaking it up and a rock ledge and mangroves bordering it. Following the signs to Withnell Bay takes … Read more

NW Shelf Gas Project

Karratha Gas Plant, NW Shelf Gas Project

The North West Shelf Gas Project is one of the most advanced integrated gas production systems in the world. Located nearly 1300km north of Perth on Withnell Bay near the port of Dampier. The visitor centre gives a fantastic overview of the NWS (North West Shelf) Gas Project and the facilities associated with it. The … Read more

Stargazers Campground

Brown sign at Millstream Chichester National Park showing Stargazers Campground

Stargazers Campground is in the Millstream Chichester National Park and is open during the drier tourist season. The campsite has toilets, picnic tables, and gas BBQs available for use. Generators are not permitted at Stargazers Campground. With 15 camp sites, Stargazers Campground is smaller than the Miliyanha Campground and isn’t suitable for larger caravans. Miliyanha … Read more

Miliyanha Campground

Miliyanha Campground site with toilets and picnic table behind

Miliyanha Campground is in the Millstream Chichester National Park and is the closest campsite to Millstream Homestead . The campground has 27 campsites and is open all year round. It is suitable for all types of camping from tents to camper trailers and caravans. Fresh water is available at the campground, however, it is untreated … Read more

Millstream Chichester National Park

Millstream Chichester National Park

The Millstream Chichester National Park is in Western Australia, previously two separate parks and joined as a single national park in 1982. Millstream was a pastoral land from the 1800s situated at the upper side of the Chichester Range. Millstream was named by an explorer, FT Gregory. Gregory reported it as a good grazing area … Read more

Millstream Homestead

Millstream Homestead's shearer's kitchen

The Millstream Homestead was built in 1919 on the pastoral station established in the late 1800s. The name comes from explorer Francis Thomas Gregory when he named Millstream Creek in 1861, noting it had enough water to operate a large mill. A lease in 1865 started with sheep and the station continued with sheep for … Read more

Python Pool

Python Pool in June in the Millstream-Chichester Range National Park, set against the red ochre cliffs

Located in the Chichester Range in Western Australia, Python Pool is a seasonal freshwater pool. It is in the Millstream-Chichester Range National Park, south of Roebourne and on the way to Millstream. The water pool is seasonal, however, there is usually water there all year round. During the dry season without water flow, Python Pool … Read more