Big Blue Heeler Cattle Dog

Big Blue Heeler statue in Muswellbrook NSW

The Blue Heeler in Muswellbrook, New South Wales, stands 2 metres tall. Built in 2001, the town in the upper Hunter Valley prides itself on being Blue Heeler country. Feature image from Wikimedia Commons

Mount Kaputar National Park

Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

Bundabulla circuit track (2-3 hours, 3.5km) – Bundabulla circuit walking track | NSW National Parks Lindsay Rock Tops Lookout 4.5 – Lindsay Rock Tops lookout | NSW National Parks Mount Kaputar summit walk 4.7 Mount Kaputar summit lookout 4.9 – Mount Kaputar summit lookout | Visitor info | NSW National Parks West Kaputar Lookout 4.7 … Read more

Yarrie Lake

Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

Yarrie Lake is roughly circular in shape and is approximately 3km in diameter. The origin of the lake is thought to be a meteorite strike. Just west of Yarrie Lake is another strike site which has resulted in another lake slightly smaller than Yarrie Lake – the second lake is on private and is known … Read more

Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

The Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre is nature’s magic at work! The benefits of natural artesian mineral waters were discovered thousands of years ago and have been used for their curative powers since ancient times. Many European cities are steeped in spa culture and their residents use thermal spas for their therapeutic value. Today, you don’t … Read more

Museum (Boggabri Tractor Shed)

Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

The Boggabri Tractor Shed Inc is a non profit organisation to promote the preservation of tractors used in farming in the 20th century in Australia. Their group is run by all volunteers that have a passion for our heritage. They welcome new members and tractors!

Dorothea Mackellar Memorial

Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

The Dorothea Mackellar Memorial Society Inc. was founded in 1983 by post-war immigrant Mrs Mikie Maas OAM PHF, with the support of volunteer judges Rosemary Dobson and Joan Phipson and local poet Anne Bell to recognise the contribution Dorothea made to Australian literature. That same year, Gunnedah celebrated the unveiling of a bronze statue of … Read more

Heritage Sculptures

Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

Once a shanty town during the great depression, Pensioners Hill is now home to four stone sculptures that depict different aspects of Gunnedah’s cultural and industrial history.

Porcupine Lookout

Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

This lookout is known to the local Aboriginal people of the Kamilaroi Tribe as ‘Bindea’ (pronounced Bindee), which translates to “The place where the shrubs with leaves like a porcupine quill grow”. Porcupine Lookout has an amazing view of the whole town and its surrounds. It’s from here you appreciate just how flat this part … Read more