Big Deck Chair

Big Deck Chair, in the Royal Theatre in Winton

The Big Deck Chair is in the open-air Royal Theatre in Winton, one of 2 remaining open-air theatres of its type remaining in Australia. The other is in Broome. Not long celebrated 100 years, the Royal Theatre was first established in 1918. The theatre is open as a museum you can wander through from the … Read more

Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways

Dinosaur Stampede Trackways at Lark Quarry out of Winton

Lark Quarry is the location for the world’s only known example of a dinosaur stampede, with fossilised footprints from around 150 dinosaurs. It is also commonly known as Dinosaur Stampede or Lark Quarry. The footprints were found by a station manager in the 1960s. In the 1970s, scientists visited looking for Cretaceous fossils and was … Read more

Australian Age Of Dinosaurs Museum

Small dinosaurs on a rock plateau in the outback, taken at the Australian Age Of Dinosaurs Museum

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is located a few kilometres out of Winton in Outback Queensland and is the largest collection of Australia’s biggest dinosaur fossils. The museum is part of Australia’s Dinosaur Trail, a series of attractions spread over three towns – Winton, Richmond, and Hughenden. Winton’s attractions include the Dinosaur Stampede National … Read more

Waltzing Matilda Centre

Waltzing Matilda song words written, at the Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton

Waltzing Matilda Centre is a tribute to the unofficial Australian anthem by Banjo Patterson, and is also the Tourist Information Centre for Winton. The famous bush song ‘Waltzing Matilda’ is thought to be inspired by the suicide of a shearer in 1894 at Combo Waterhole, about 150km north-west of Winton. Waltzing Matilda is composed from … Read more

Lagoon Creek

Sign for Lagoon Creek and the Australian Workers Heritage Centre

On the outskirts of Barcaldine, Lagoon Creek is a popular walking and bird watching spot with two kilometres of walking tracks along the lagoon and through native vegetation. Lagoon Creek has an important part of the history of Barcaldine, the location of the shearers’ strike camp just out of town. This location isn’t where the … Read more

Tree of Knowledge

Memorial of the Tree Of Knowledge in the main street of Barcaldine

An unassuming ghost gum tree growing in the main street of Barcaldine in 1886, earned its fame as the founding of a political movement now known as the Australian Labor Party. Under the shade of the tree, located at the front of the railway station, the Central Queensland Carriers Union was formed in 1887. Around … Read more

Mt Scoria Conservation Park

View of Mount Scoria

Mount Scoria is a mountain that was a basalt plug of a small volcano. The cooling process created angular columns with between five to eight sides. The shapes started as cracks in a similar fashion cracks form in dry mud. The cracks grew deeper as the lava below cooled to form the columns. Mount Scoria is known … Read more

This Side of the Black Stump

This Side of the Black Stump is used to convey an perceived eastern border in Australia for where civilisation is contained. To go further is to be Beyond the Black Stump , and into the remote outback of Australia. The origin of the expression, and the Black Stump  itself, is contested for a few towns. As … Read more