Purling Brook Falls Lookout

Looking up at a waterfall from the bottom, located at Purling Brook Falls

The brown sign destination Purling Brook Falls Lookout is a highlight at Springbrook. It is accessible from the Gwongorella Picnic Area , or from The Settlement Day Use Area. The brown signs lead you to Gwongorella Picnic Area. I was at Gwongorella Picnic Area the afternoon before, and had a quick look at the falls, … Read more

Goomoolahra Picnic Area Lookouts

Goomoolahra Picnic Area is a picnic area at the end of Springbrook Rd at Springbrook. It is set beside the Mundora Creek, with some picnic spots right at the creek. Goomoolahra is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘big waterfall’. There are picnic tables and wood BBQs, although it appeared only one BBQ was functional. Make sure … Read more

Tallanbana Picnic Area

Tallanbana Picnic Area is a small picnic area at Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland. Tallanbana is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘out of the rushes’. The picnic grounds has picnic tables, most are set under cover or well shaded by the surrounding trees, and flushing toilets. From Tallanbana Picnic Area, a short walk leads to … Read more

Canyon Lookout

Canyon Lookout is in Springbrook, only a few metres from the parking area. It has views across the canyon, and down the valley through to the Gold Coast in the distance. Rainbow Falls can be seen on the other side of the canyon, falling from the rock cliffs opposite the Canyon Lookout. The Twin Falls … Read more

Gwongorella Picnic Area

Gwongorella Picnic Area is at Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland. As the name suggests, it is a picnic area. There are plenty of brown sign destinations with picnic facilities in the Springbrook area, Gwongorella has the most space available. Getting a car park within the parking area was a challenge, as it is also … Read more

Springbrook Mountain Visitor Centre

Springbrook Visitor Information Centre

The Springbrook Mountain Visitor Centre is a small hut on Old School Road, at a historical school site. The hut is usually unmanned, in 2018 it was open on weekends and public holidays from 10am to 2pm. There are brochures available on the outside with information about the Springbrook Mountain area, including Natural Bridge, so … Read more

Wunburra Lookout

Wunburra Lookout is the first brown sign tourist destination entering into the Springbrook Mountain area, at the southern end of a split section of the road. Wunburra is an Aboriginal word meaning “run up hill – hunting dog” The view from is from a platform built to the edge of the hillside. The lookout is across … Read more