Booloumba Creek

Set of small waterfalls flowing into a large waterhole, taken at at Booloumba Creek Falls

Booloumba Creek in Conondale National Park, accessible only by four wheel drive, is a showcase of stunning scenery in the rugged Conondale Range. It is filled with lush rainforests, boulder-strewn creeks, and the highlight, the Booloumba Falls. Booloumba Creek is accessible from Maleny Kenilworth Rd, a short way from the Fig Tree Walk and the … Read more


Slab hut with iron roof and stone fireplace and chimney on the end, taken of Mulligan's Hut in Gibraltar Range National Park

Mulligans is an area in the Gibraltar Range National Park named after William Mulligan who proposed a hydroelectric scheme for the area. Mulligans Hut is one of two huts William Mulligan built, the area is referred to as Mulligans Campground or Mulligans Hut Campground. William Mulligan was born of a local grazing family in 1862 … Read more


Walking track through subtropical rainforest, along the Greenes Falls Track in Maiala of D'Aguilar National Park

Mount Glorious is a popular destination for Brisbane residents, close to the city yet you feel like you are a world away. Maiala National Park was first formed in 1940, with sections set aside since 1901. The first walking track started in 1946 using unemployed men after the war to build tracks. The Rainforest Circuit … Read more

Sheepstation Creek

Jeep Wrangler and camper trailer campsite, at Sheepstation Creek Campgrounds in Border Ranges National Park

Sheepstation Creek Campgrounds is the largest of two campgrounds in Border Ranges National Park, with sites for tents, camper trailers, and caravans. Each of the 15 campsites has picnic tables and wood BBQ. In the centre is a larger sheltered picnic table and free gas BBQs. The sites vary in size and shape, so try … Read more

Buderim Forest Park (north)

Boardwalk through a rainforest, at Buderim Forest Park along Martins Creek

Buderim Forest Park is a small rainforest reserve along Martins Creek, with a boardwalk starting from Harry’s Lane at the northern end. Harry’s Lane is the easiest entrance to the park with a boardwalk following Martins Creek upstream, much better access for wheelchairs and strollers. The boardwalk only goes so far before it turns into … Read more

Buderim Forest Park (south)

Waterfall flowing into a waterhole with an arch foot bridge and rainforest in the background, taken at Serenity Falls in Buderim Forest Park

Buderim Forest Park is a small rainforest reserve along Martins Creek. Serenity Falls, also known as Buderim Falls, is part way along the walk through the park. There are two entrances to the park, with this brown sign covering the southern entrance starting at the Edna Walling Memorial Garden . The Harrys Lane entrance to … Read more

Wappa Falls

Waterfall cascading from the middle of the rocks into a waterhole, Wappa Falls downstream from Wappa Dam at Yandina

Wappa Falls is on the South Maroochy River downstream from Wappa Dam. The falls run through a cascade of rocks with a series of small waterholes ending in a large waterhole in the final plunge. The parking area is small with room for only a few vehicles. Being late afternoon in August, it wasn’t a … Read more