Murray Scrub Walk

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Murray Scrub walking track is a 5.5km grade 3 walk through a subtropical rainforest, in Toonumbar National Park in New South Wales.

The track head off from the car parking area along the valley of the Murray Scrub. The track is easy to walk along, although the first part is a little more difficult with lots of tree roots on the path.

The tree roots were not a problem as such but care is needed to not trip or slip on them. Our pace of walking was slowed down a little so it took a little longer to walk the 5.5km we would normally expect for an easy 5.5km walk.

Rotting tree stump with a lizard peeking out from behind

The rainforest scrub is well shaded with only a few spots where the sun reaches through fully. In summer, the constant shade makes for a more comfortable walk during hot days.

Once deep into the Murray Scrub, the track enters a loop section. The loop has some different vegetation with more Red Cedar and palms.

The loop goes around a lagoon, however, we were not aware that it was meant to be a lagoon. It was dry and looked more like an open grass field a little way off from the track. We didn’t explore off the track so we can’t say if the grass was hiding water or not.

Snake on the Murray Scrub Walk in Toonumbar National Park

There are animals around if you are quiet and keep an eye out. We had a surprise run-in with a snake sunning itself in a small patch of sun shining on the track, and a lizard hiding in a decaying tree stump that we didn’t notice at the time, only seeing it in the photo afterwards.

There were many birds and lizards around to listen to and look at. The boys enjoyed the sounds of the Wompoo regularly calling, mainly at the northern part of the Red Cedar Loop.

After the walk, head up Toonumbar Forest Dr to the Murray Scrub Lookout Brown Sign link where you can view over the rainforest from above.

To get there

Brown sign for Murray Scrub Walk

From the southern entrance (from Toonumbar Dam Brown Sign link), veer left to continue on Murray Scrub Rd and follow for 3.9km. Turn right to head to Murray Scrub Walk and follow about 500m to the carpark.

From the northern entrance (from Summerland Way), follow along Toonumbar Forest Dr for 16.8km. Toonumbar Forest Dr is a narrow dirt road and steep in some sections. Care is needed and not suitable for low vehicles. 4wd may be required when wet. Turn right onto Murray Scrub Rd and follow for 3.9km. Turn right to head to Murray Scrub Walk and follow about 500m to the carpark.

For directions to the southern and northern entrances, see the Toonumbar National Park Brown Sign link page.







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Rated 4 out of 5
18 April, 2020

Drove through there last year as well. That area is home to the pink tongued lizard, which we hadn’t known existed until then. We drove right through over Cox’s Rd. coming out near Grevillea. We also went down the old road that went along the ridge at the back of Rosebery Ck. but now it is blocked off halfway down, but it used to come out at The Risk. It was dry at the time, so I’d like to go back after some rain. 👍🏻

Bronwyn Johnson