Big Avocado

Big Avocado outside the Tropical Fruit World attraction in North Coast NSW

The Big Avocado is one of Australia’s big things, found at the entrance of Tropical Fruit World in Duranbah New South Wales. It is one of two big avocados, the other is out on the Pacific Hwy before exit. The difference between the two is the one on the highway is an avocado halved with … Read more

Big Merino

The Big Merino at Goulburn in New South Wales

The Big Merino sits on the outskirts of the country town Goulburn in New South Wales, known by the locals as Rambo. The Big Merino began in 1985 as a monument to the Goulburn district’s fine wool industry. Weighing an impressive 97 tones when it was first constructed, it was built with a steel frame, … Read more

Moooving Art

Pink Pony Cow, part of Shepparton's Moooving Art attraction

Moooving Art Cows is an ever changing open air art exhibition spread out through the Shepparton region. The main location is at Monash Park, surrounded by High Street (Midland Highway), Welsford Street, and Fryers Street. There are several locations where the colourful Moooving Art bovines can be found. A few can be found at the … Read more

Shepparton Motor Museum

Shepparton Motor Museum

The Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectibles is an automotive enthusiast’s delight with a large collection of vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, and classic muscle cars. The motor vehicle collection starts with early examples, such as the 1912 Mors Roadster, a manufacturer that started building cars in 1896. It was absorbed into the more recognisable brand, … Read more

Bendigo Pottery

Bendigo Pottery is Australia's oldest working pottery, established in 1858

Bendigo Pottery is Australia’s oldest working pottery, established in 1858, it has making ceramics for over 160 years. Bendigo Pottery is a few things in one place, centralised around the pottery. The Bendigo Pottery Interpretive Museum is built around the old kilns with displays of the equipment used since 1858 and a collection of early … Read more

Big Lotus Flower

Big Lotus Flower in the Chinese precinct of Bendigo

The Big Lotus Flower is a sculpture in the Chinese precinct of Dai Gum San in Bendigo. The Lotus represents Buddhism, along with the related sculptures of a chrysanthemum and garlic blossoms representing Confucianism and Taoism. The Big Lotus Flower has fibreglass petals half filled with concrete for strength. The flower bud in the centre … Read more

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine museum in Bendigo

Descend into the depths of the Central Deborah Gold Mine in Bendigo which operated during the gold rush boom in the 1900s. The mine operated from 1939 until 1954, extracting almost a tonne of gold from 15 kilometres of drives and cross cuts down to a depth of 412 metres. It has not operated as … Read more

Talking Tram Tour

Man about to board a tram, at the Talking Tram Tour in Bendigo

The vintage Talking Tram Tour is part of the Bendigo Tramways attraction, based in Australia’s oldest operating tram depot dating back to 1903. The Tramway started in Bendigo in 1890 using battery powered trams that proved unsuited to the hilly streets of Bendigo. After a few months they were shut down and eventually replaced with … Read more

Major Mitchell 1836

Major Mitchell Monument

Major Mitchell cairn monument is one of many commemorative monuments to Major Mitchell scattered across the south-east region of Australia. The third expedition of Major Thomas Mitchell was undertaken in 1836, the first European person to visit the area now known as Wedderburn. The cairn is located about 5 kilometres south of Wedderburn on the … Read more

Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl is in sleepy Patchewollock in Victoria is was installed in 2013, consisting of two Malleefowl around a mound. They are made mainly of corrugated iron sheets and painted to present the features and other features. The Big Mallee Fowl sit beside the Patchewollock Railway Station constructed in 1919. There is a … Read more