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Brown Signs. Where will they lead you?

Brown signs are the brown tourist signs on the side of the Australian roadways. Following the signs lead to some wonderful and interesting tourist destinations and places of interest.

Australian States

Brown signs have been found and followed in these states in Australia.

Brown Sign Categories

The brown sign tourist destinations are assigned to a category. These are some of the categories the destinations are placed into.

Recent Destinations

Historic Theebine Hotel Theebine Hotel - Theebine Hotel is the original building built 1909, although it was originally known as the Kilkivan/Theebine Junction Hotel. Theebine is a small railway station town north of Gympie along the North Coast railway line. The old Kingaroy/Nanango railway line branched at Theebine with the Dickabram railway station just before the Dickabram Bridge crosses over the ... Read more
The Big Eagle known by locals as the Rusty Chook, the iron steel eagle sits on the hill of Kirra Point at Coolangatta Gold Coast Big Eagle ‘Rusty Chook’ - The Big Eagle is an iron sculpture that has been sitting at the top of Kirra Point since 1984, looking over the Coolangatta beaches below. Known by locals as the “Rusty Chook”, it was intended to commemorate the Coolangatta centenary in 1984. The Big Eagle is mounted on top of two large steel supports that ... Read more
The Gateway to Mullumbimby - The Biggest Little Town in Australia The Biggest Little Town In Australia - Mullumbimby is a quirky entry to the Big Things collection. It isn’t a thing that is big but it is a declared big thing, being the biggest little town in Australia. We were not really sure if it was meant to be a big thing. We just happened to be passing by on our way ... Read more
Pink Pony Cow, part of Shepparton's Moooving Art attraction Moooving Art - Moooving Art Cows is an ever changing open air art exhibition spread out through the Shepparton region. The main location is at Monash Park, surrounded by High Street (Midland Highway), Welsford Street, and Fryers Street. There are several locations where the colourful Moooving Art bovines can be found. A few can be found at the ... Read more
Shepparton Motor Museum Shepparton Motor Museum - The Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectibles is an automotive enthusiast’s delight with a large collection of vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, and classic muscle cars. The motor vehicle collection starts with early examples, such as the 1912 Mors Roadster, a manufacturer that started building cars in 1896. It was absorbed into the more recognisable brand, ... Read more
Man about to board a tram, at the Talking Tram Tour in Bendigo Talking Tram Tour - The vintage Talking Tram Tour is part of the Bendigo Tramways attraction, based in Australia’s oldest operating tram depot dating back to 1903. The Tramway started in Bendigo in 1890 using battery powered trams that proved unsuited to the hilly streets of Bendigo. After a few months they were shut down and eventually replaced with ... Read more
Monument at the Meckering Earthquake Display, bent railway line behind it Meckering Earthquake Display - Australia is fortunate to have no major fault lines but the Meckering Earthquake is an example that it is not immune from experiencing seismic activity. The Meckering Earthquake occurred in 1968 on the morning of the 14th of October. It was the most destructive earthquake recorded in Australia, destroying close to 100 buildings in Meckering ... Read more
Roundhouse in Fremantle Round House - The Round House is one of several buildings on what was called Gaol Hill. The Roundhouse is the oldest public building in Western Australia, the first permanent building opening in 1831 only 18 months after the settlement. Beneath the Round House is a tunnel that was constructed to link the Bathers Beach whaling station to ... Read more
The Big Western Rock Lobster, a big thing in Dongara in Western Australia Big Western Rock Lobster - The Big Western Rock Lobster at Dongara was built in 2005, it is one of Western Australia’s big things.
The front of the St Francis Xavier Cathedral at Geraldton in Western Australia St Francis Xavier Cathedral - The St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton was completed in 1938, taking around twenty-two years from when the foundations began. Motions to start building a new cathedral in Geraldton began in 1913 when Geraldton’s bishop, William Kelly, met Father John Cyril Hawes in Rome. The first foundations were laid in the middle of 1916. There ... Read more