Brown Signs

Where will the Brown Signs take you?

Brown signs are the brown tourist signs on the side of the Australian roadways. Following the signs lead to some wonderful and interesting tourist destinations and places of interest.

Brown Sign Symbol
Attractions are created to attract tourists, whether they are themed interests or places to chill out
Beach Symbol
Where the land meets the water. What is more Australian than a beautiful beach on the coastline?
Big Things Symbol
Big Things
Often created as a tourist trap, Australia’s big things are often used as an excuse for a road trip or at the least a place to stop on the way
Camping Symbol
Camping is an Australian tradition to connect with the beautiful places on offer
Historical Symbol
A place of historical interest or significance, experience, learn and appreciate the heritage of the country
Lookout Symbol (Camera)
Lookout from these vantage points for beautiful vistas and panoramic photo opportunities
Museum Symbol
Dusty collections or curated historical memorabilia, museums give a glimpse into the past
Park Symbol
Enjoy the outdoors, relax and revitalise, gain creative and spiritual inspiration, have fun and take time out at a park
Scenic Symbol
A wonderment of natural beauty that has to be seen, experienced and photographed
Brown Sign Symbol
I saw the sign and I’m listed now, things that don’t fit elsewhere but the brown sign led me there
Walking Symbol
Get active and explore the great outdoors around Australia and unearth beautiful natural treasures
Visitor Information Centre Symbol
Visitor Info
Access local knowledge at Visitor Information Centres across Australia, often run by volunteers who know their areas

Australian States

Use the map above to follow the brown signs have been found in the states of Australia.

Brown sign for Scenic Lookout
Western Australia Northern Territory South Australia Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania Australian Capital Territory

Recent Destinations

Walking track across a creek, creek is running high almost over the ford, taken at Dead Man's Pass in Gawler, South Australia Dead Man’s Pass - Riverside shared pathways is a feature of Gawler with a series of trails called the River Path, or Tapa Pariara. Dead Man’s Pass is along the South Para River with paths connecting through to Clonlea Park on North Para River and Gawler River. Deadman’s Pass is a popular spot for picnics, strolling or cycling along ... Read more
Roma's Largest Bottle Tree Roma’s Largest Bottle Tree - The Largest Bottle Tree in Roma is a narrow leafed bottle tree, also known as the Queensland bottle tree. The name is derives from the bottle shaped appearance when the tree matures, between 5 to 8 years old. This tree was transplanted from a local property in 1927. Already mature when it was transplanted, it ... Read more
Steam engine venting steam, Class C17 Amamoor at Gympie's Mary Valley Rattler The Valley Rattler - The Mary Valley Rattler is a railway museum with an operating rail fleet for railway journey experiences. Located at the historic Gympie Station, the building also contains the Rusty Rails Cafe. 7 days a week, the museum and cafe are open for a look around and getting a coffee fix. We dropped in for coffee ... Read more
Borumba Dam on Lake Borumba looking from above the boat ramp towards the dam wall Lake Borumba - Lake Borumba is formed by Borumba Dam, located west of Imbil and roughly between Amamoor and Kenilworth. It is an un-gated dam built in 1963 and upgraded in 1997, primarily to provide water to the Mary Valley irrigation scheme. The lake is a stocked impound, which means fish are supplied into the dam to provide ... Read more
Imbil Lookout - Imbil Lookout is located at the top of a steep climb from next to the town’s IGA store with views over the area, in particular towards the coast and the north. The lookout is only 800 metres from the main road through Imbil but you climb up quite high providing great views of the surrounding ... Read more
Proud Mary, steam locomotive located at the Rail Trail park in Imbil Rail Trail (Imbil) - Imbil was once where The Valley Rattler used to travel from Gympie. The Rattler closed after damage to the railway line which was later repaired through to Amamoor, never making it back to Imbil. Imbil hasn’t completely lost the historical memory of the railway era when locomotives steamed through the town, now a little quieter. ... Read more
Three Big Pipis on North Stradbroke Island Big Pipis - The Big Pipis sits at the start of the Gorge Walk at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah). The structure is of three pipis sitting upright on their side, one white, one sandy and the third a red-brown colour. They replace an old information board but unsure of exactly when, perhaps some time in ... Read more
Hemingway's Brewery FNQ in Port Douglas Brewery - Hemingway’s Brewery FNQ is an independent craft brewery at the marina in Port Douglas. It is the first of their brewpubs, with another located in Cairns. If you haven’t heard of what a brewpub is, it is a restaurant or eatery selling beer they have brewed on the premises. Artisan or craft beer is typically ... Read more
Picnic table and BBQ in Venman Bushland National Park Venman Bushland National Park - The Venman Bushland National Park is a conservation area with an easy bush walking trail, picnic area, wood BBQs and toilets. It is part of the Koala Bushland Coordinated Conservation Area. The national park features open eucalypt forest and sections of lowland rainforest in 415 hectares of bushland. The Koala Bushland Coordinated Conservation Area, or ... Read more
The Big Whale breaching, made of red ironbark timber and stainless steel The Big Whale - The Big Whale in Hervey Bay is a wood and stainless teel sculpture of a blue whale, breaching out of the ground. The 22-tonne sculpture, taking 400 hours of carving, is made from 10 tonnes of local red ironback to create the main body. A further 12 tonnes of marine grade stainless steel forms the ... Read more