The Big Peanut Kingaroy

The Big Peanut in Kingaroy

The biggest peanut city in Australia is Kingaroy but it was without a big thing until November 2021 when the Big Peanut was revealed. It had been over 4 years since I last travelled through Kingaroy on a brown sign hunting trip. Big things were not something I was collecting at the time, but I … Read more

Big Puzzle Pieces

The Big Puzzle Pieces are three blocks of puzzle pieces at the front of Puzzles on Yabba in Imbil. Puzzles on Yabba is an assembly of puzzle exhibits that have been created over more than two years, started in 2016. On display is the world’s third largest puzzle by number of pieces, with 33,600 pieces, … Read more

Big Pipis

Three Big Pipis on North Stradbroke Island

The Big Pipis sits at the start of the Gorge Walk at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah). The structure is of three pipis sitting upright on their side, one white, one sandy and the third a red-brown colour. They replace an old information board but unsure of exactly when, perhaps some time in … Read more

The Big Mango

Big Mango

The Big Mango is a giant mango sculpture in tribute to the successful mango industry in the area. The sculpture is made of fibreglass, weighing around 7 tonnes and standing 10 metres high. It is built next to the visitor information centre for Bowen on the Bruce Highway, south of the Bowen township. Big things … Read more

The Big Mango Man

Big Mango Man, big thing of Frosty Mango

The Big Mango Man is a steel and concrete sculpture as a big thing promotional item for the Frosty Mango . The 3.5-tonne mango with arms and legs is located on the Bruce Highway between Townsville and Ingham, at a place called Mutarnee. It was created around 2014, making it a much more recent addition … Read more