Big Lotus Flower

Big Lotus Flower in the Chinese precinct of Bendigo

The Big Lotus Flower is a sculpture in the Chinese precinct of Dai Gum San in Bendigo. The Lotus represents Buddhism, along with the related sculptures of a chrysanthemum and garlic blossoms representing Confucianism and Taoism. The Big Lotus Flower has fibreglass petals half filled with concrete for strength. The flower bud in the centre … Read more

Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl is in sleepy Patchewollock in Victoria is was installed in 2013, consisting of two Malleefowl around a mound. They are made mainly of corrugated iron sheets and painted to present the features and other features. The Big Mallee Fowl sit beside the Patchewollock Railway Station constructed in 1919. There is a … Read more

Big Burger Float

Big Burger Float on Granit Harbour near Victor Harbour

The Big Hamburger is a permanent sculpture on Granite Island in Victor Harbor, South Australia. The hamburger is 1.30 metres without the hook and rope. The sculpture, named What A Tasty Looking Burger, is by artist James Dive and is part of the Sculpture Encounters on Granit Island. The sculptures in Sculpture Encounters are have … Read more

The Big Galah

Australian Big Things, The Big Galah at Kimba South Australia

The Big Galah in South Australia’s Kimba sits at the ‘Halfway Across Australia Tourist Shop’. Geographically, Kimba is halfway across Australia between Sydney and Perth. Opening in 1993, the Big Galah is made of fibreglass sitting over a steel frame. It was modelled on the Galahs that are in the region by Robert Venning, taking … Read more