The Big Barrel

The Big Barrel at Bundaberg Ginger Beer Factory

The Big Barrel is home to one of Bundaberg’s famous drinks, Bundaberg Ginger Beer and numerous other brewed soft drinks. Perhaps not as famous as the nearby rum distillery in Bundaberg, however, there are not many Australian’s who haven’t heard of and tasted Bundaberg Ginger Beer. The Big Barrel is more like a half barrel … Read more

Big Avocado Halved

Big Avocado Halved

The Big Avocado Halved is along the Pacific Hwy shortly after crossing the border. I had originally logged it as a Big Avocado but there is another whole Big Avocado at the entrance of Tropical Fruit World. The halved fruit is placed to alert traffic of the upcoming exit required to go to Tropical Fruit … Read more

Big Lotus Flower

Big Lotus Flower in the Chinese precinct of Bendigo

The Big Lotus Flower is a sculpture in the Chinese precinct of Dai Gum San in Bendigo. The Lotus represents Buddhism, along with the related sculptures of a chrysanthemum and garlic blossoms representing Confucianism and Taoism. The Big Lotus Flower has fibreglass petals half filled with concrete for strength. The flower bud in the centre … Read more

Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl is in sleepy Patchewollock in Victoria is was installed in 2013, consisting of two Malleefowl around a mound. They are made mainly of corrugated iron sheets and painted to present the features and other features. The Big Mallee Fowl sit beside the Patchewollock Railway Station constructed in 1919. There is a … Read more