Northern Territory

Tourist Regions of NT

  • Katherine Daly
  • Greater Darwin
  • Kakadu and Arnhem Land
  • Barkly
  • Alice Springs and Macdonnell
  • Lasseter

Photo: Larrimah Museum

The Big Stubby – Larrimah NT

The Big Stubby at Larrimah Hotel in Northern Territory

The Darwin Stubby is already known to be a larger variety of Australian brown bottled beer. Larrimah in Northern Territory has the Big Stubby, a large sculpture of the NT Draught stubby. The sculpture sits outside the Larrimah Hotel beside a pink panther in a chair and another piloting a gyrocopter. The pub was originally … Read more

Larrimah Museum

Outside of the Larrimah Museum

The Larrimah Museum is in the old railway yards of Larrimah in a disused WW2 building, a former repeater station during the war. Larrimah was established as the rail terminus of the North-South railway line from Darwin. The railhead was meant to be at Burdum, however, as the wet seasons rendered the road from Birdum … Read more

Big Wine Bottle

Big Wine Bottle at Daly Waters Pub in Northern Territory

The Big Wine Bottle is on the back of a vintage truck at the Daly Waters Historic Pub in Northern Territory. The Daly Waters Pub is an iconic pub built in 1930 in the Northern Territory. It has had an interesting past with murders and threats of being destroyed by station owners. This visit wasn’t … Read more