railway carriages at the Rosewood Railway Museum, Kunkala station

Note: The Rosewood Railway has paused operations while work is undertaken. See the Rosewood Railway Facebook page for updated information. Kunkala is a brown sign outside of The Rosewood Railway, one of two railway stations operated by the railway museum, the other is Cabanda Station. Cabanda Station doesn’t have a brown sign for it but … Read more

Historic Railway Station

Historic Grandchester Railway Station

The Grandchester Railway Station is a heritage-listed historic railway station built in 1876, part of the National Trust in Queensland. Originally known as Bigge’s Camp, it was the western terminus of the first section of the Main Line from 1865, the first railway line in Queensland and the first narrow gauge main line constructed in … Read more

Dularcha To Ewen Maddock Circuit

Railway tunnel in Dularcha National Park

We conducted Dularcha To Ewen Maddock Circuit in two stages, the first visiting the Dularcha National Park and later riding the Dularcha To Ewen Maddock Circuit the signs are there for, as a guide to navigate parts of the circuit. Our first visit started from Mooloolah Valley, parking near the Dularcha National Park entrance on … Read more

Historic Railway Station

Historic railway station at Wallangarra on the Queensland and New South border

The Wallangarra Railway Station was first opened in February 1887 when the Queensland southern railway line was extended from Stanthorpe. Nearly a year later in January 1888, the New South Wales main northern line was extended from Tenterfield to Wallangarra. Wallangarra Railway Station sits on the border of Queensland and New South Wales with a … Read more

Historic Deepwater Railway Station

Historical railway station building at Deepwater in NSW

Deepwater Railway Station was opened in 1886 and in its heyday became the busiest and biggest freight centre north of Newcastle. The building is not open for viewing but you can wander around and have a look. You can walk around the back to the platform where there is some railway line still there and … Read more

Railway Museum

Model of the Tenterfield Railway Station, at the railway museum in Tenterfield

The railway through Tenterfield has long been quiet, it has been nearly 30 years since the service ended. Tenterfield Railway Station is not as quiet, especially during the Saturday markets. The railway station is a marvellous example of the architecture used in NSW railway in the late 19th century and is well maintained. Brightly coloured … Read more

Boolboonda Tunnel

Entrance of a disused railway line tunnel, Boolboonda Tunnel is part of the Bundaberg to Mount Perry line

The Boolboonda Tunnel was built for a railway line to service the booming copper mining town of Mount Perry and support the agriculture of the area. Construction of the Boolboonda Tunnel began in 1883 and opened in 1884. The unlined and unsupported tunnel through rock is 192 metres in length, making it the longest unsupported railway tunnel … Read more

Muntapa Tunnel

The Muntapa Tunnel is a tunnel for an old railway branch line from Oakey through to Cooyar that operated between 1913 and 1964. The tunnel is Queensland’s longest straight railway tunnel at 287m long, and the only tunnel in Australia that crossed between the inland and coastal sides of the Great Dividing Range, connecting two … Read more

The Workshops Rail Museum

The Workshops Rail Museum is in Ipswich and often referred to as the Ipswich Railway Museum, opening in 2002. It is the first point of interest on the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive . The site was originally Queensland Rail’s North Ipswich Railway Workshops, a larger site from the when the original workshops, where Queensland … Read more