Nullarbor Links Golf Course Watering Hole (Hole 8)

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Nullarbor Links Golf Course Hole 8 Watering Hole
Photo from Roe’ving Australia – Nullarbor Links

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course is an 18 hole course spread over 1,365 kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway. Some holes are set up specifically for the course, others are a nominated hole at an established golf course.

Hole 8 of the Nullarbor Links Golf Course (or hole 11 in reverse) is at Mundrabilla. It is a 330m Par 4 hole. The tee is found to the right of the Mundrabilla Roadhouse with a dog-leg fairway behind the roadhouse with the green on the left side.

Mundrabilla Station was established in 1872 by two brothers, Thomas and William Kennedy together with William and Annie McGill. They left Albany with 800 ewes and a handful of bullock and horses, travelling over 2,000 kilometres to find grazing land and take up a government grant for leases of up to 100,000 acres.

The harsh realities of the remote area left Annie dying during childbirth in 1879 and later Thomas Kennedy was speared dying years later without fully recovering, their graves are still on the Mundrabilla Station property.

Mundrabilla is named after the station and Mundrabilla Roadhouse was built nearly 100 years later in 1968. The station still operates today, the original homestead about 30km from the roadhouse.

The Tee is devoted to McGill and Kennedy, who established the station the region is now named after.

Card is stamped at the Mundrabilla Roadhouse.

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To get there:

Brown sign for Nullarbor Links Golf Course Watering Hole

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course Hole 8 Watering Hole is located behind the Mundrabilla Roadhouse. . It is about 77km west of the Western Australia/South Australia border and about 644km east of Norseman in Western Australia.

From Hole 7 Nullarbor Nymph, head south from the Eucla Golf Course back to the Eyre Highway and turn right heading west. Follow for about 77km, Hole 8 Watering Hole will be on your right with a brown sign for Nullarbor Links Golf Course Watering Hole.

From Hole 9 Brumby’s Run, turn right onto the Eyre Highway and follow for about 116km, Hole 8 Watering Hole will be on your left with a brown sign for Nullarbor Links Golf Course Watering Hole.

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