Churchbank Weir Reserve

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Warrill Creek from the banks at the Churchbank Weir Reserve with reflection of the sky and trees on the water. Churchbank Weir Reserve is a free camp area south of Ipswich. Upstream from the weir, the creek has water for fishing

Churchbank Weir Reserve is south of Ipswich along the east branch of Warrill Creek. The weir is at the junction of Mutdapilly Churchbank Weir Rd and Peak Crossing Churchbank Weir Rd, with access to the reserve about a kilometre back towards Peak Crossing.

The reserve is upstream from the weir of Warrill Creek. The entrance is away from the creek, leading down a narrow section towards it. The reserve then follows along the bank with plenty of riverside space.

The water along the reserve is a long slow running section before the weir, and fish can be caught here. Some weirs require a SIPS permit, but Churchbank Weir is not mentioned as one of them. The creek is downstream from Lake Moogerah, which is a stocked impoundment where a SIPS permit is required, so it may get some fish from time to time come down from the dam.

A kayak or canoe would be great to use here also, whether it is for some fun paddling around or to fish from the water instead of from the banks of the creek. The bank is steep but not too high to get a paddle craft into the water. There is a spot at the far end of the reserve that is easier to get in and out from.

The bank of the creek looks perfect for catching yabbies. Dad would correct me saying they are called lobbies in Queensland, or blueclaw crayfish. Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries call them Yabby but also acknowledge Lobby and blueclaw crayfish names also.
Open grass area at the reserve, Jeep parked on the grass
A couple of campers were at the reserve and I spoke to one of them. He has been using the reserve for many years, camping while visiting the local areas. He tidies up the area every time he is there, as rubbish is often left.

The nicest spot is at the far end where it is less exposed, hidden from the road. There are signs of deep ruts in dried up mud showing it could be interesting to get out if there has been plenty of rain but was well and truly dry when I was there.

The ground appears to be more solid immediately on reaching the bank of the creek, which may be a better option to avoid getting stuck or damaging the area further trying to get through the soft mud.
Looking at Churchbank Weir from the causewayThe tall grass around the reserve used to be kept short like the rest of the area but there has been illegal dumping of concrete and metal in the past which foul up the grass cutters when they go through, so the grass is now left long.

There are no facilities at the reserve, so you need to be self-sufficient. It is disappointing when areas like this are abused by leaving rubbish which can so easily be taken back out with you. On the positive side, it is great to see there are those who will take the initiative to look after the areas we are given the privilege to be able to utilise.

The weir itself is not directly accessible from the reserve. There was a path through the tall grass cut through that you can walk to it, although I didn’t walk along it so I can’t say what it is like. You can stop near the weir along the roadway on the eastern side with a grassy section next to the weir.

To get there:

Brown sign for Churchbank Weir ReserveFrom Ipswich, head south along Ipswich Boonah Rd. From Cunningham Hwy continue for 13.7km to Peak Crossing, and turn right into Flinders St towards Harrisville. After 150m turn right into Peak Crossing Churchbank Weir Rd, and follow for 3.9km. The entrance to Churchbank Weir Reserve is on the left, straight ahead as the road veers to the right.

Heading north along Cunningham Hwy from Warrill View, continue north for 6.7km and turn right into Mutdapilly Churchbank Weir Rd just before the school on the right. Mutdapilly Churchbank Weir Rd turns to the left after 1.3km, then 800m later turn right, still following Mutdapilly Churchbank Weir Rd. Continue for 2.2km to go over the weir, with the entrance to Churchbank Weir Reserve a hard right 1km further on.

Cost: Free

Hours: Anytime

Toilets: No

Bins: No

Tables: No

Seating: No

Water: No

Food: No

Wheelchair accessible: Yes, but not specifically catered for. Ground is mostly flat grass, with uneven sections

Pets: Yes, not mentioned, keep on leashes

Playground: No


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