Nullarbor Links Golf Course Eagles Nest (Hole 10)

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Nullarbor Links Golf Course Hole 10 Eagle's Nest
Photo from Roe’ving Australia – Nullarbor Links

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course is an 18 hole course spread over 1,365 kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway. Some holes are set up specifically for the course, others are a nominated hole at an established golf course.

Hole 10 of the Nullarbor Links Golf Course (or hole 9 in reverse) is at Cocklebiddy. It is a 347m Par 4 hole with the tee behind the roadhouse and towards the right and leading away from the roadhouse towards the west.

Cocklebiddy was the site of an Aboriginal mission, the remains of the stone foundations are a reminder of its pioneering beginnings. Today, it is one of the roadhouse stops travelling through the Nullarbor and the nearby location of one of the worlds biggest cave systems.

The caves are not signposted on the highway, so there is no dedicated page on the Brown Signs website. The caves are not generally available to the public for entry because it is very unstable but there is a viewing area at the entrance of the 300m long rocky chamber.

The caves are mostly filled with water anyway so you can’t get too far without diving equipment. in 1983, a French caving expedition set a record with the furthest cave dive in the world at 6.25 kilometres. This was pushed further by an Australian team the same year, reaching another 280 metres. Australian Christopher Brown broke the record in 1995, managing to get another 20 metres.

To reach the caves, head west from Cocklebiddy Roadhouse for 12km, then turn right to the north for 10km from the highway. As stated already the turn off is not signposted, however, the highway has a large cleared area on both sides of the highway. The unsealed dirt track can become boggy when wet with the track splitting into several tracks in places.

The Tee is devoted to Bindy (Glen) Seivwright, a truckie who has been carting fuel along the Eyre Highway since the early 1980s. Bindy is popular and well respected with all the roadhouses and regarded as a mate. Bindy was awarded the Order of Australia for his services to the Nullarbor.

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To get there:

Brown sign for Nullarbor Links Golf Course Eagles Nest

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course Hole 8 Watering Hole is located behind the Mundrabilla Roadhouse. It is about 284km west of the Western Australia/South Australia border and about 437km east of Norseman in Western Australia.

From Hole 9 Brumby’s Run, head south from the Eucla Golf Course back to the Eyre Highway and turn right heading west. Follow for about 91km, Hole 10 Eagles Nest will be on your left with a brown sign for Nullarbor Links Golf Course Eagles Nest.

From Hole 11 90 Mile Straight, turn right onto the Eyre Highway from Caiguna Roadhouse and follow for about 65km, Hole 10 Eagles Nest will be on your right with a brown sign for Nullarbor Links Golf Course Eagles Nest.

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