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Aboriginal Names and Meanings

Aboriginal names are used at various brown sign destinations. The list below are names used with the meaning. Click on the name to see more detail if available.

As there are hundreds of Aboriginal dialects throughout Australia and the languages are often passed on orally, rather than written, the spelling and pronunciation and meaning can vary. The meanings of these Aboriginal names are in the context of where they are used and for what they are used.

Aboriginal NameMeaning
AwoongaSheet of water
BeerburrumSound of wings of the King Parrot, from bir-barram
BeerwahUp in the sky, from birra wa(ndum)
Booninybahplace of the echidna
BorolinLand of the Kangaroo
CoonowrinCrooked neck, from Coonoon-warrang
DalgiboneHard dry land
Dangama MungarTalking mountain
DulongMud or wet clay
Gaba Gababluff
GoomburraShield, or fire black tribe
GoomoolahraBig waterfall
GwongorellaDancing waters
KanyanaMeeting of people, gathering place
KondalillaRushing waters
KunkalaRunning fresh water
KumbartchoHoop Pine
KuralbooDeep down
MurgonLily pond
ParnimilliLittle river
TallanbanaOut of the rushes
TanninabaZamia palm ground
TibrogarganBiting sugar glider
UlugundahiShape of an ear
Warrarnbunnaplace of the long ground
WarringaCool place
WunburraRun up hill, hunting dog
Wunjanbara BunnaGiant man
YurabaPlace of Spotted Gums