Caloundra Golf Club

Caloundra Golf Club entrance sign

Caloundra Golf Club is a popular championship course. The par 71, 18-hole course is set away from the beach surrounded by bush and is a popular venue for weddings and private functions. The bush surrounding the golf course brings an abundance of wildlife. Daily feeding of lorikeets takes place in the afternoons at 4pm. See … Read more

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The front of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in the Gold Coast Queensland

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal and wildlife attraction at the Gold Coast, famous for its Rainbow Lorikeet feeding that began merely as a deterrent. By feeding the lorikeets, beekeeper and flower grower Dr Alex Griffiths found a way to keep the birds away from his flowers. The Currumbin Bird Sanctuary opened in 1947 as … Read more

Crystal Castle

A massive 20 tonne amethyst geode called the Enchanted Cave at the Crystal Castle, found in Uruguay

The Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens is Australia’s most impressive crystal collection with some of the biggest crystals and geodes in the world. The spiritual roots started long before it became the Crystal Castle in 1980 when the main building was constructed on intersecting ley lines, energy lines running along the earth. Locally, the building … Read more

Bendigo Pottery

Bendigo Pottery is Australia's oldest working pottery, established in 1858

Bendigo Pottery is Australia’s oldest working pottery, established in 1858, it has making ceramics for over 160 years. Bendigo Pottery is a few things in one place, centralised around the pottery. The Bendigo Pottery Interpretive Museum is built around the old kilns with displays of the equipment used since 1858 and a collection of early … Read more

Talking Tram Tour

Man about to board a tram, at the Talking Tram Tour in Bendigo

The vintage Talking Tram Tour is part of the Bendigo Tramways attraction, based in Australia’s oldest operating tram depot dating back to 1903. The Tramway started in Bendigo in 1890 using battery powered trams that proved unsuited to the hilly streets of Bendigo. After a few months they were shut down and eventually replaced with … Read more

Tartan Poles

Tartan Pole in Maclean, MacMillan "Hunting"

When entering the town Maclean in Northern New South Wales, you immediately notice the Scottish heritage with the tartan poles along the streets. The tartan poles started as a project by The Maclean Scottish Town Association in 2000. The idea was to paint six poles with tartan designs to coincide with the Olympic Torch being … Read more

Macadamia Castle

Castle shaped building with entrance in the centre, tower columns either side and walls continuing left and right, taken at the Macadamia Castle north of Ballina

Macadamia Castle has been a common stop along the Pacific Hwy north of Ballina for many years. It has been there for around 45 years, so if you have travelled along the Pacific Highway, you have most likely spotted the castle passing by. Since the dual-carriage highway bypassed Macadamia Castle from 2012, it hasn’t been … Read more

Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways

Dinosaur Stampede Trackways at Lark Quarry out of Winton

Lark Quarry is the location for the world’s only known example of a dinosaur stampede, with fossilised footprints from around 150 dinosaurs. It is also commonly known as Dinosaur Stampede or Lark Quarry. The footprints were found by a station manager in the 1960s. In the 1970s, scientists visited looking for Cretaceous fossils and was … Read more