War Cemeteries

Japanese War Cemeteries in Cowra

Cowra was one of five locations with a detention camp detaining Japanese prisoners of war and civilian internees. There were 18 camps throughout Australia, prisoner of War camp number 12 in Cowra had a capacity of 4,000 prisoners. The Japanese compound had a capacity of 1,000 and the population increased to 1,100 by July 1944. … Read more

P.O.W. Campsite

POW campsite in Cowra NSW

When you think of POWs and Australia’s involvement in World War II, it usually brings thoughts of Australian’s being held in POW camps in Japanese-occupied territories. There were 28 major camps established in Australia. The Cowra Prisoner of War Camp was camp 12, opening in June 1941, even though it hadn’t been completed. Prisoners didn’t … Read more

Old Injune Mine

Unvisited Brown Sign Queensland

pened in 1932, Maranoa Collieries was a major employer for the area and played a significant role in the development of the town. Visitors are able to call into the old rail loading facility to gain an insight into its history and learn of some dramatic and fascinating events that took place during and after … Read more

Tribute To Pioneers

Unvisited Brown Sign Queensland

The series of information panels in The Old Play Shed illustrates the town’s history and pays tribute to the pioneers who helped establish the rural community. After the school closed in 1983, the play shed was relocated to its present site in 2002. Following the installation of wall panels featuring the local history of Jackson, the … Read more

Juandah Historical Site

Unvisited Brown Sign Queensland

Juandah Historical Site is a truly unique slice of history. This is the original site of the Juandah Head-Station, the heart of a settlement which later became known as Wandoan. The Juandah Historical Site also hosts a Folk Museum of local heritage items and social history. https://www.queensland.com/au/en/things-to-do/attractions/p-56b263087b935fbe730e2af7-juandah-historical-site

Calico Cottage Heritage Complex

Wallumbilla Visitor Information Centre

Calico Cottage Heritage Complex is a not to be missed stop when travelling through Wallumbilla. The complex encompasses Calico Cottage, where you can sample a baked treat, meet the locals and browse local crafts; the Heritage Complex where you can gain an insight into the history and lifestyle of this remarkable community; the Railway Station … Read more

Historical Feature

Rocks that are a historical feature, surrounded by a log fence and a plaque placed in front of it

Located in the Wamuran Basin, the spot where the first settlers used their camp oven remains. If it wasn’t for the plaque, you’d be forgiven for walking by it without noticing. At most, you might see an odd pile of rocks. The Anderson Family used this site before 1907. There isn’t any further information I … Read more

St George Anglican Cemetery Est 1861

Front of the St George Anglican Cemetery in Gawler, established 1861

The St George Anglican Cemetery is Gawler’s oldest cemetery, established in 1861. Originally known as the Church of England Cemetery Gawler, it was designed by Canon Coombs, then Reverend Coombs. Canon Coombs is buried in the center plot, a large area with the path separating down either side. W.H. Coombs died 23rd September 1896. The … Read more