The Crossing – Dalby’s First Settlement 1841

Sign and monument of The Crossing, Dalby's first settlement 1841

The first settlement in Dalby, also known as Dalby’s birthplace, is called The Crossing. The first settler, Henry Dennis, spent time surveying the area in 1841. The Crossing was the first track to the pastoral holdings west of Myall Creek. With the settlement, it became the meeting place for stockmen, shearers, fencers, teamsters, and other … Read more

Historical Site (Rowan Memorial)

Unvisited Brown Sign Queensland

The Rewan air crash occurred on 16 November 1943 when a Dakota C-47 of the 21st Troop Carrier Squadron of the 374th Troop Carrier Group crashed at Rewan, Queensland, south of Rolleston, Queensland, killing all 19 people on board. The memorial is made of aircraft’s engines, wings and undercarriage, near the crash site. It was … Read more

Historical Site (Roehrig Graves)

Unvisited Brown Sign Queensland

A memorial grave of a tragic event of four children drowning at the weir in Drillham. The Miles and District Historical Society believe the graves to be of the four children of a railway lengthsman, named Roehrig and his wife Matilda (nee Fechner). The children who were accidentally drowned in the railway weir on 5th … Read more


Unvisited Brown Sign New South Wales

In 1906, the Newnes township and shale oil mining complex was established, extracting low-grade oil from shale. The Newnes mining complex ceased operations and restarted until 1931 when it last ceased. Newnes was named after Sir George Newnes, who was one of the principle directors of the Commonwealth Oil Corporation Limitied. Over the range is … Read more

Dig Tree

Burke and Wills Dig Tree stands on the bank of Cooper Creek in far south-western Queensland’s Bulloo Shire. The Dig Tree is one of three significant trees, the other two being the Face Tree and Brahé’s Tree. There is a conservation fee of $20 per vehicle to visit the Dig Tree. It is not included … Read more

Burke and Wills Tree

Unvisited Brown Sign Queensland

The Burke and Wills Tree at Birdsville was marked as part of the Burke and Wills expedition in the 1800s, located around 3 kilometers from Birdsville. Local history records that this Coolibah Tree, on the banks of the Diamantina River bears the marking BW-C76 1860. It is one of their final campsites before reaching the … Read more

War Cemeteries

Japanese War Cemeteries in Cowra

Cowra was one of five locations with a detention camp detaining Japanese prisoners of war and civilian internees. There were 18 camps throughout Australia, prisoner of War camp number 12 in Cowra had a capacity of 4,000 prisoners. The Japanese compound had a capacity of 1,000 and the population increased to 1,100 by July 1944. … Read more