Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Pearl in a large opened oyster, at the Willie Creek Pearl Farm in Western Australia

Willie Creek Pearl Farm is north of Broome in Western Australia and conduct tours showing the process of modern pearl farming. The Banfield family took over the Pearl Farm lease in 1994 and started a local tour operating company, expanding from a simple presentation on the Willie Creek jetty to become one of the popular … Read more

Pottique Lavender Farm

Pottique Lavender Farm started by selling pottery and antiques imported from the UK. The lavender farm was added in 1996, along with a cafe with lavender flavoured items on the menu. Enjoy some lavender scones with lavender tea, or have a lavender ice-cream and wash it down with some lavender soft drink. If wine and … Read more

Lavender Farm

Amandine Lavender is a small family owned and operated the lavender farm near Bargara. Originally a third generation sugarcane farm, it was changed to introduce an alternative industry to the sugarcane. It is a boutique farm, growing lavender to supply the onsite gift shop. It grows a range of lavender varieties, predominately Grey French Lavender … Read more