Aboriginal Site

Little Rocky Creek, next to Old Gympie Road near Landsborough, is a historical site used by the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) people for tool making. The sandstone bed made for a perfect place for grinding tools with the ready flow of water. The grooves were used to make tools such as axe heads, spearheads, and cutting … Read more

Langley Flat Provisional School 1927-1928

Paddock with tall trees in the centre and cattle around the trees, and a brown sign for Langley Flat Provisional School in front of them

The brown sign for Langley Flat Provisional School 1927-1928 is in a field on Cooks Rd off Burnett Hwy. Langley Flat Provisional School first opened as Springfield State School in November 1911, closing 10 years later in December 1921. It opened for a short period between July and December in 1922 to support Jimbour State … Read more

Historical Pioneer Bore

In 1885, Blackall became the first town in Queensland to sink an artesian bore. Artesian bore water supplies the town with water, and comes out of the ground from the great artesian basin at 58 degrees. The bore, named Pioneer Bore, can be seen along with a replica of the drilling rig. A mural sits … Read more

Kenniff Tree

The Kenniff Tree is named after the brother bushrangers Patrick and James Kenniff (Pat and Jimmy). The old Coolibah tree was they tethered their horses when visiting Augathella, providing a shady spot for the horses and not too far from the Burenda Hotel. This let them do all of their business while in town, but … Read more

Fred Hollows

Fred Hollows was an ophthalmologist who is known for his work in restoring eyesight to countless people, in Australia and abroad. He was born in New Zealand in 1929 and studied ophthalmology in England before moving to Australia in 1965. He became an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of New South Wales. In … Read more

Crossley Engine

The Crossley Engine in Bourke is an oil-fuelled stationary engine manufactured by the Crossley Brothers in 1923. Over the years more than 100,000 Crossley oil and gas engines were built and it is a testament to their quality that many are still in use today. It is an example of an early water cooled four stroke … Read more


The Bourke Wharf is a replica of the original wharves in Bourke. The area was considered to have little prospects for commercial activity. In the late 1850s, the Darling River was opened up as a key transport route, and river communities like Bourke grew as important transport centres. While the wharf is a replica, it … Read more

Historic Port

Historical Port wharf at Echuca

The Historical Port on the Murray River in Echuca was built in 1865 to support sawmills in the area. The wharf is three stories high, and in its heyday supported a fleet of paddle steamers larger than anywhere in the world, until the late 1880s when trains and trucks took over the transport of goods. … Read more

Old Petrie Town

The Emporium Milk Bar at Old Petrie Town

Old Petrie Town is a historical village, with speciality shops in historic buildings, a variety of museums, and Sunday markets with things to buy and food to eat. History of Old Petrie Town Old Petrie Town was first called North Pine Country Park, changing names in 2005. The history of the buildings and land date … Read more