Crossley Engine

The Crossley Engine in Bourke is an oil-fuelled stationary engine manufactured by the Crossley Brothers in 1923. Over the years more than 100,000 Crossley oil and gas engines were built and it is a testament to their quality that many are still in use today. It is an example of an early water cooled four stroke … Read more


The Bourke Wharf is a replica of the original wharves in Bourke. The area was considered to have little prospects for commercial activity. In the late 1850s, the Darling River was opened up as a key transport route, and river communities like Bourke grew as important transport centres. While the wharf is a replica, it … Read more

Loddon Floodway

Loddon Floodway is a free camp area on Pental Island  in The Murray region. It is on the northern section of the island on the banks of the Murray River. The island is accessed from one of two bridges, either from the southern end of Swan Hill or just east of Lake Boga via Fish … Read more

Pental Island

Pental Island is an inland island bound by the Murray River and the anabranch Little Murray River. Little Murray River is on the southern side of the island, with the New South Wales and Victoria border along the Murray River on the north side, making Pental Island part of Victoria. An anabranch is when a … Read more

Giant Murray Cod

The Giant Murray Cod is at Swan Hill, a monument to the large cod fish that have been caught in the Murray River. The monument is 15 metres long, 5 metres high, and 3 metres wide. It was originally built in 1991 as a prop in 1992 for the movie Eight Ball, a movie about … Read more

River Cruises

The river cruises in Swan Hill is operated at the Pioneer Settlement  open air museum. The cruise is on the PS Pyap, a paddlesteamer built at Mannum in South Australia in 1896, and was a floating store for the Eudunda Farmers Cooperative, selling to settlers and settlements along the Murray River before being sold for … Read more

Pioneer Settlement

The Pioneer Settlement is a museum in Swan Hill set on the edge of the Little Murray River. It started with the paddlesteamer PS Gem purchased in the 1960s to be an art gallery, and added some buildings in the style of the Mallee region to be around it. Some buildings we donated, others were … Read more

Catalina Aircraft and Museum

The Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum is at Lake Boga near Swan Hill. The museum was started as an exhibit of the Catalina A24-30 in the open air and the use of an original secret communication bunker from World War II as a commemoration to the service men and women who served at Lake Boga. … Read more

National Holden Motor Museum

As Australian as football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars! You can appreciate all these in different ways, but some ways are better than others. Watch the football on TV or head to the game at the stadium, have a four and twenty at home or drop in to Yatala Pies, and watch an Attenborough … Read more

Yatala Pie Shop

Yatala Pies has to be one of the most well known pie shops in Australia, even if you have only seen the brown signs travelling between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It has such historical significance in Queensland it is on the Q150 list, with the Q150 icon on the brown sign. Yatala Pies has … Read more